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These photos aren't posted in remotely the order they were photographed, more about how they made some vague narrative sense of related themes. Or something. In my head, anyway.

Kaua'i is pretty! )
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Hmmm. Once upon a time there was August, and now there isn't. That largely happened without me noticing.

People wanting me to work more, because they're all on holiday, is part of it, and then I did the Marine Life course for the diving, and I've started the Rescue Diver course. I only managed one day of real hiking this month, which is tragic for the most fabulous month in the mountains (the one day I had free to hike last week was the one day of Rain and Thunderstorms, which altered my plans). I did some short local hikes so I don't get too lazy, but they hardly count. There was birdwatching though, with a life bird, since the elegant terns are having one of their northern irruptive years.

Then last weekend I did a WOS trip to eastern Washington around Moses Lake )

This month is not promising to be less busy, with more work, more Rescue Diving (and somehow I've ended up organising a dive for the local club too. I made a suggestion, and I got a sudden promotion and was told to get on with it.) The SO and I have a trip planned for the later half of next week, with a day of whitewater rafting, and a day of hiking near Mount Rainier, so hopefully the thunderstorms stay away for that one. Life is hectic, but fun!
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Cultural stuff! Yes, we did some of that too while we were in Hawai'i, and didn't spend the entire time mountain trekking, swimming underwater or drinking the local organic rum and vodka cocktails by the pool.

Temples and Petroglyphs )
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Everyone loves Mayan ruins, right? They're so fabulous. I went to two sites at different times, Muyil and Coba. Tulum is the biggest archaeological draw in the immediate area, but Tulum is a small place with a train to take the masses from the car parks to the site, and what one website described as 'Disneyworld-style crowds', so we decided to skip it.

Muyil )
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At 4.30 this morning, the coyotes held a howling competition in the garden, and it was already coming light with clear skies. So instead of swearing vengeance on everything four-pawed and furry, I got out of bed and went to Marymoor for the weekly bird walk.

Marymoor Today )
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I haven't often seen California quail up a tree, but that's where they ended up yesterday morning.

Oh, no, the squirrels are after us! )

On a completely different subject, I find myself feeling surprisingly positive about the new Lib-Con coalition. There's a great deal of sense in the coalition document, and everyone's in tune about the important things (reducing the godawful debt, removing those nasty, intrusive spying laws, and we're going to get preferential voting, yay!). Europe is basically a non-issue for the next few years, with the euro in such a precarious state, and that's definitely something they can argue about later, once they've done the bigger deals. If they can both hold in check the eejits in their parties (and there are rather more Tory eejits, as an inevitable consequence of the fact that there are rather more Tories), I really think they can pull this off. I certainly hope so.

Whether they do or not, at least the political blogs and columns have been a source of a great deal more amusement over the last few days than they have in years XD Though I do wish they would stop slashing the politicians, my brain doesn't need it.

Silk Moth

Jun. 8th, 2009 02:30 pm
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The other evening, we had a larger than usual visitor to our windows after dark.

MegaMoth! )
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In 2007, I saw 315 different species of birds, of which 284 were in Washington State (the only ones that really count), another 9 in the rest of North America, plus an extra 22 I fell over on my brief trip to England.

For myself, and the one person on my f-list who will actually be interested enough to read it )

The last bird of the year was the Harris's Sparrow on December 14th in West Edison. December 14th is ridiculously early for a last bird of the year, since when I've looked for swamp sparrow (three times), chukar, grey partridge (see? It's those gamebirds again) and rosy-crowned finches, and they haven't obliged. The last Washington birds of the year were the eight short-eared owls floating about the Samish flats at the West 90 at 3.30pm on December 31st, replacing my sightings just over the border in BC. I'd looked for them in that same spot before, and there hadn't been any.

The West 90 is Birding Central for birds of prey, and it was an absolutely glorious afternoon, cloudless with the low sun over the golden, flooded fields, ringed by snow-covered mountains. I was standing in a single spot, watching a bald eagle having an altercation with three owls, the same eagle later disagreeing with a rough-legged hawk, and the ubiquitous red-tailed hawks and northern harriers cruising by. The low sun highlighted all the birds' colours and painted them with a few extras - even the bush full of streaky brown female red-winged blackbirds looked to be full of exotic yellow orioles, the effect was so dramatic. Not a bad way to finish the daylight hours of the year.

Where the Owls Are )

On other fronts, I managed to get only one fic out in 2007, all 8,750 words of it. To make that look a little less patheitc, I'm 48,800 words into my current WIP out of a likely 60-65k total, of which 37,300 are actually consecutive from the start. (I've also got 2,000 words of the fic after that - did I mention I never write in order?) The writing lost a lot of time to the birds this year, but my intention is to really push that fic now, and hopefully get it finished and beta-ready within a couple of months. Damn, I want to to see it done so badly, because that will finally tie up my novel-length Mexico arc. And I sure as hell never thought I'd write a novel....
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Things have eased off seriously at the wildlife centre over the last few weeks. Instead of barely finishing (or just plain not finishing) in the baby mammal room by the time I leave, the last two weeks I've been running through both the mammal room and the bird room by myself, and I'm still left with time to spare. Which means I've had chance to visit the other inhabitants.

Bobcat, anyone? )
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I've thrown together a post of some of the inmates at the wildlife centre now that I've got enough photos to justify it. These pics contain absolutely no artistic merit whatsoever. They're not composed, they're snatched on the odd occasion of a less busy day when I find thirty seconds going spare I can waste. They're shot indoors under miserable lighting with the choice of using no flash and getting movement blur or using flash and over-exposing everything with horrible contrast.

But having said all that, the animals are cute :-) )


Jun. 30th, 2005 10:33 pm
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As of today, I am now officially in love with marmots as well as with my new camera. I mean, who wouldn't love a giant shaggy guinea pig with a tail that it stole from a squirrel?

Hoary Marmots XD )

While I'm here, yet another meme, tagged by [livejournal.com profile] k_julia

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