Fic: Joined Hands (The Rebound Remix)

Sep. 26th, 2017 04:59 pm
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Posted by navaan

Title: Joined Hands (The Rebound Remix)
Fandom: Marvel Ultimates
Summary: When Steve walked past Tony their shoulders brushed lightly and Janet, who hadn't been paying attention until now, suddenly looked closer.
Rating: Teen
Notes: Written for the 2017 [community profile] remixrevival for [ profile] snowynight . This is a remix of Join Your Hand (1000 words) by snowynight.
Word Count: ~ 1800

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Saving You (The Promises Kept Remix)

Sep. 25th, 2017 09:06 pm
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Posted by laireshi

Title: Saving You (The Promises Kept Remix)
Rating: Teen
Universe: 616
Word count: ~1500


Tony knows Steve’s weak spot, and he knows that it’s him. For once, it’s not a scary thought, because he will do exactly what Steve asked him to do: he will fight, he will try, and he will succeed in bringing Steve down.

Because he loves Steve, and because Steve loves him, too.

A/N: Written for Remix Madness for navaan, based on her I Promise You, When I'm Awake. Thanks for beta to kiyaar!

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Monday: Donate-A-Prompt

Sep. 25th, 2017 07:54 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

monday banner.png
Don't we all know this feeling of having too many ideas to write and no time to write them all? Is there this one headcanon that you really want to read but can't write it? Or that frustration when you actually do want to write but you can't come up with anything?

If you have prompts or headcanons that you want to provide for your fellow writers and/or artists, here's the time and place! Anything is welcome, just take note to attach appropriate warnings if applicable.

Join the discussion on dreamwidth! (You don't need a DW account to comment.)

Sunday: Open Discussion

Sep. 24th, 2017 10:05 pm
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sunday banner.png
Welcome to our Sunday open discussion thread! Every week we'll have either open discussions or miscellaneous activities that come up. You can talk about anything to your heart's content, stony-related or otherwise! What's going on in your life?

And don't forget:
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Another year of the Cap-IM Tiny Reverse Bang has come to a close. Thank you so much to all of the artists who contributed so much gorgeous art! And thank you also to all of the writers who submitted fills - all the fics were absolutely INCREDIBLE!
An enormous THANK YOU for @angelinoshi for the badge templates and headers, as well as providing some of the amazing art for the badges! :) (Go send her some love!)

Fills not part of previous masterposts are italicized here so also check out some new works! :)
and now....for the master round up! -drum rolls-
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The T-Shirt Means I Love You

Sep. 24th, 2017 01:16 am
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Posted by laireshi

Title: The T-Shirt Means I Love You
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: 616
Word count: ~1500
Warnings: post-SE, but it's so fluffy.


"You’re wearing my clothes.”

Steve wants to take the words back as soon as he said them, because obviously Tony isn’t wearing his clothes, Tony’s not wearing any clothes, Tony’s an artificial intelligence, but Steve wishes Tony were corporeal and wearing his clothes, preferably in his bed.

A/N: Written for the lovely baneme, for her art. Make sure to tell her it's amazing. Also a fill for "shopping together" at my bingo card.

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Pics from Laver Cup so far!

Sep. 23rd, 2017 03:36 pm
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[personal profile] kleiocaissa posting in [community profile] fedalforever
Roger and Rafa are down to play doubles TONIGHT!!!

From twitter, not my caption but thoroughly endorsed.

Updated with more pics 24/09/2017

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Posted by cap_im_daily

friday banner.jpg
It’s Friday, which means rec time! Each week, we're offering you the chance to submit your favourite fics and other fanworks for our two themes. Self-recs are welcome and of course you can still make new recs once Friday has passed!

This week, theme #1 is ‘HIDDEN GEMS’ -- Name some fics and art that you loved that don’t seem to get the love and attention that they deserve. It’s easy for a good fic to get lost in the depths of AO3 and tumblr, let’s help elevate underappreciated fanworks!

Theme #2 is 'ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS ' -- As much as we all love seeing Steve and Tony dance around each other until they pull their heads out of their rears, there’s something special about the narratives where they’ve been together for a long time and bicker like the old couple they are.

Share your recs with us at the DW post!

Thursday: Creator's Workshop

Sep. 21st, 2017 06:39 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

thursday banner.jpg
Need help with creating the atmosphere for that sleazy bar Tony likes to hang out in? What would a college student in the 1980s spend his money on? Looking for someone to help beta read your fic or just cheer you on? How do people draw hands, damnit? How do you make your neighbour’s dog stop make an appearance on your podfic? Ask a weird question that now taints your search history but still have not found the answer to? Would you like to share a great resource that you found recently?

Here’s the place to direct all your questions (no judgement, no shame!), offer help, share some advice, cheer people on, or just chat about your current projects!

Join the discussion on Dreamwidth!
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Posted by booooooop

The Steve/Tony Studios mods are proud to present: the Superhusbands Aluminum Anniversary Anthology! In celebration of ten years since The Confession was published, over 60 amazing creators have come together to bring you almost 600 pages of never-before-seen Steve/Tony fanart, fancomics, and fanfiction!

You can download the anthology for free in the link below, and share the release post if you're on Tumblr!

We hope you enjoy this wonderful book, made by creators in the Stony fandom from all over the world, to celebrate our community and most importantly, to celebrate Steve and Tony. Just like them, we can do amazing things when we do them together.

Happy Anniversary!
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And now, part 2 of my review of Write!, the text editor. In part 1, I talked about my initial impressions of its pricing and subscription model, its treatment of saving to a cloud vs. saving locally, and functionality I was able to learn about on the first couple of menus.

In this post, I’ll talk about the functionality on the Edit and Format menus, as well as the overall look of the thing and the experience of writing in it.

Yep, that sure is an Edit menu

I see pretty standard functionality available on the Edit menu: Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Copy As (with a few different options as to how you can copy into the window you’re working on), and Find.

(Additionally, since I’m looking at the Mac build, there are also the Start Dictation and Emoji & Symbols options that I see at the bottom of Edit menus on other programs on my Mac. But as those as not specific to this program, I won’t talk about them here.)

The Format menu

Show Context Menu

This brings up a bunch of things that I’d expect to find on toolbars in other programs, and is essentially a glorified toolbar here, even if it’s in multi-tabbed menu format.

I’d be a little annoyed by this, as having to go to the menu seems like a redundant way to get at this functionality, except that I also just discovered I can get to the same stuff by right-clicking anywhere within my edit window. In which case I kinda wonder why there’s a whole menu command to get to this, which, again, feels redundant. But I guess not so much if you’re not used to right-clicking to get to stuff.

Bold, Light, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Upper Case, Lower Case

All of these menu options do what I’d expect them to, though I’m a little surprised by “Light”, as this is an option I haven’t seen in word processors or text editors before. It basically appears to be functioning as an opposite of Bold. Except that if you want to un-bold text you can toggle it in every single program I’ve ever dealt with, so I’m not exactly sure why a separate format needed to be here. If I try to bold an entire phrase and then choose “Light” on a word within that phrase, it does the exact same thing as just de-bolding that word.

I do like being able to automatically upper-case or lower-case text, though.

I’m not entirely pleased with all these formatting options being their very own menu items, though, particularly given that they’re all duplicated on the aforementioned Context menu. So there’s another layer of redundancy here, all of which I think would have been entirely fine to eliminate completely with a simple toolbar.

On the other hand, if you have the formatting options on the menu, you can also show the keyboard shortcuts, which is useful, so there’s that. Things like command-B and command-I might be second nature to me (or any other writer who’s been working for a while on a Mac), but I’m not everybody, and it’s important for me to keep that in mind.

Though okay, I just figured out why this menu/context bar bugs me. I’d like to be able to have that context menu floating over on the side so I wouldn’t have to keep bringing it up and dismissing it if I want to reformat text. Or, I’d like these options on a toolbar. This editor is billing itself as a “distraction-free” text editor, but it’s distracting to me to have to keep bringing the context menu up and dismissing it again. I’d be bugged by this less if it were on a mobile device where screen real estate is more important, but I’m on my laptop screen and not lacking for visual space.

Headers and Paragraphs

This is another formatting option that is duplicated on the context menu, and basically covers a small assortment of styles you can apply to text: headings, code, quote, etc. Not too huge a style set, but on the other hand, this is calling itself a text editor, not a word processor. I wouldn’t expect a text editor to get nearly as complicated with its styles as an outright word processor would, so that’s fine.


Left, Right, Center, Justify, and Reset, some basic alignment options for whatever paragraph you’re currently in/selected, and it does appear to work on a paragraph basis. Which is about what I’d expect.

I am, however, a bit surprised that these options are not duplicated on the context menu. This is a bit of inconsistency of behavior, which I almost find a bit more irritating than the aforementioned redundancy.


Bullet, Numeric, and Alphabetic lists styles, including a “Switch” option that apparently just cycles through the three. Not something I feel I’d particularly need when using a text editor for writing.

But, if you’re using this thing as a client to write a post for Medium or some other blogging platform, basic lists could be useful. I use lists in my posts all the time.


Behaves mostly like I’d expect, highlighting a word if I’ve already selected it, or turning on highlighting for whatever I’m about to type next if something isn’t already selected.

However, highlighting apparently does not toggle like Bold or Italic. If I have a word highlighted, and then select the Highlight command off the menu again, or use the keyboard shortcut, it doesn’t remove that highlight.

If I want to remove the highlight, I actually have to go onto the context menu and get at the “Clear Formatting” command on the first tab, or the “Clear Highlight” command on the Highlight tab. Easy enough to find but slightly irritating that I had to go looking for it.

Edit Hyperlink

Okay, I get the intention here: add a hyperlink to text. However, I take issue with the implementation, on the following grounds:

One, “Edit Hyperlink” implies there’s already a hyperlink there to edit, which is not the case if what you want to do is actually add a new one.

Two, if you select some text and then select “Edit Hyperlink”, what actually happens is that the context menu pops up, and the “Hyperlink” command on it is replaced by a text box where you’re supposed to enter the hyperlink you want.

And I’m sorry, but the entire notion of splicing a text entry box into a context menu just makes me go NO. Even if it does appear to work and (presumably) saves the effort of coding a separate dialog box to keep track of that setting. I don’t care. It’s still annoying.

So if editing and formatting annoy me, is it at least nice to write in?

Here’s something good I can say about this program: with sidebars and things turned off, whittling it down to just the basic program window itself, I do actually like the aesthetic look of it. It’s clean. It’s simple. It certainly is nicer to look at than TextEdit.

I am not really a fan of its default sans serif font, and there appears to be no way to change it. Nowhere in the program do I see any sign of ability to change what fonts it uses.

But at least visually, that’s the only nitpick I’ve got with it.

Typing-wise, I’m finding it distracting that it doesn’t auto-indent paragraphs for me like Scrivener does. But I can’t hold that against it, because again, text editor, not word processor. TextEdit doesn’t auto-indent so I wouldn’t expect Write! to do so either.

And here’s a thing I do kind of like. Here’s a screenshot of what the window looks like to me:

The Write! Window

The Write! Window

That little gray square over on the right is a navigation bar, which you can use to get a thumbnail view of where you are in the document, and do a fast scroll up and down. I can confirm, now that I’ve typed enough into the test window to get enough text to scroll, that that does work. I also note that if you don’t happen to like that feature, you can turn it off. (More on this in the next post.)

And OH HEY SURPRISE: down in the left bottom corner, that “1 174” down there? Turns out that’s a word count feature that has no access on the menu whatsoever, so I stumbled across that entirely by accident. More on this in another post, too; I like some of what I see there, but some of it seems buggy as well. The lack of an obvious word count was one of the things I was going to say I didn’t like about the program, but since there is in fact word count functionality here, that’s a distinct advantage over, say, TextEdit.

For now, though, that’s enough for this post. More to come in part 3!

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Wednesday: What Are You Reading?

Sep. 20th, 2017 03:16 pm
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In the spirit of new comic book day, Wednesdays are dedicated to discussing anything on your reading list right now! Have you picked up any new releases today? Finally started a novel you've been putting off for way too long? Keeping preoccupied with some fanfiction? Don't hesitate to talk about whatever story's on your mind!

Let us know what you've been reading this past week and what's next on your queue!

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Wednesday: What Are You Reading?

Sep. 20th, 2017 03:08 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

In the spirit of new comic book day, Wednesdays are dedicated to discussing anything on your reading list right now! Have you picked up any new releases today? Finally started a novel you've been putting off for way too long? Keeping preoccupied with some fanfiction? Don't hesitate to talk about whatever story's on your mind!

Let us know what you've been reading this past week and what's next on your queue!

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Tuesday's Theme: TOUCH

Sep. 19th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

Our theme this week is TOUCH. Come share your thoughts!

You can write a story, drabble, headcanon, meta, do art, make a video, gif set, poem, fic rec, song rec — whatever creative way you can think of to connect Stony to the prompt is welcome. Have fun!

If anyone has suggestions for future prompts, feel free to leave them in this post!

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Draft sumbmission deadline is approaching!

Rough drafts for the Captain America / Iron Man Big Bang are due by 11:59 PDT Wednesday September 27th (what time is that for me?) . Summaries will be posted for preview sometime on the 28th, and claims will open on the following Saturday (September 30th) at 6:00am PDT (what time is that for me). Claims will be then be given out in the order received. If you are unable to make the claims time, we recommend that you get someone to make your claim by proxy. If you need a proxy claim and are having trouble finding someone, please e-mail us at

Full information on how to submit your draft can be found here.

Full Captain America/Iron Man Big Bang Rules & FAQ

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