Jun. 15th, 2005 08:05 pm
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So I just opened a new package of doujinshi. And given the contents of one of them, I felt the need to share without delay *cough*.

This is an art doujinshi called 'Request' by the circle Orca Sya, published in 2002. Not terribly worksafe for most people, no, but I guess it depends on where you work.... ;-)

Wolfwood and gratuitous nudity. )
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So, yeah, some scans from earlier volumes of TriMax 'cos a few people said they wanted to see pics to go with plots. I'm starting with 5 since 4's out in English now and most of you have it.

For those of you really out of the loop, the main plot of vol 4 involved Meryl being kidnapped by Zazie. Milly found the guys, and they all set out to rescue her. Midvalley and Hopperd were waiting to ambush them, and they were separated. Wolfwood was knocked out by a blast from Midvalley's sax, and woke up blind. He promptly slugged Milly unconscious to stop her from coming with him when he went after Midvalley again. Vash, meanwhile, got involved in a scuffle with Hopperd, who revealed he became a GHG because he had a very personal hatred for Vash over the destruction of July. And Vash started to remember....

Going back a way.... )
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From the 1999 doujinshi Deep Pink Alert presented by LSS/Kanan Norihara. These are illustrations from a text story (the book is mixed manga and text). No, I haven't tried translating the text. But the pics are worth a look XD.
R-rated, I guess. No doubt what's going on, but nothing on display.

Vash/Wolfwood-ness  )
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Mum arrives tomorrow afternoon and will be staying with me for 2 weeks, so if I'm not around much on LJ I'm most likely not dead, just porn-deprived. Those of you who email me will probably find a disruption to normal services too.

I'd been hoping to get the next lot of doujinshi scans out before Mum gets here, but with the time it takes to do the commentary and everything, that's not going to happen at this stage. Just so you don't feel too impoverished in my absence, though, I'll leave you with a few piccies of my favourite assassin :-)  This time the scans are courteousy of Pistol Dynamites (or Pystol Dynamites, they're not even consistent in the spelling themselves), from the Wolfwood-centric doujinshi 'Death of Dust'. These are pure illustrations with no story attached, thus saving me a great deal of time!

Just 'cos he's Hawt. You need a better reason? )
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By popular demand, and thanks to the lovely [ profile] mistressrenet, who is kindly donating webspace, I'm shortly going to start posting scans of some of my Trigun doujinshi to this LJ. At which point I might just have to rename the damn thing, because my original plan of there being nothing here worth looking at was appallingly short-lived....

I'm not going to be posting scans of entire doujinshi. That's not purely for reasons of time and bandwidth; it sits better with my conscience that way, since the plan is to encourage people to buy more doujinshi, not less. Because of that, I won't be scanlating, as they wouldn't make sense with pages missing. I'll be posting summaries of what's going on instead. (By a strange coincidence, this also reduces the strain on my lousy Japanese since it won't matter so much if I don't get every word).

The plan is that each set of scans will stay up for two or three weeks, then they'll be taken down and replaced with new ones, so anyone who wants to keep the pretty piccies will have to save them. This is all going to be something of an experiment, since neither of us have much clue how much bandwidth this is likely to chew up. If it causes the website problems, the scans will obviously have to stop. To that end, I would initially ask that people not be too enthusiastic about promoting this stuff. If you want to tell a couple of yaoi-minded friends, feel free. If the entire friends list of [ profile] yaoi_daily try to download the first day, it might not work. So we'll play it cautious initially, and if everything goes fine then I'll promote things around myself.

And now I have an excuse to play with polls! Because I already have a few doujinshi lined up that have been specifically requested, but what does everyone want to see in general? Nobody can see who picked what, so no need to feel shy about voting for less smut :-)
[Poll #328105]
Okay, 5's probably a bit optimistic, but it's worth a try, right?

Any thoughts? Stuff I've missed out?

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