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Why is it that nothing in this world gets done until you yell at somebody?

We were promised that all the fittings of this bathroom would be in by last Friday. And then it turned out that the compound they'd used to level the floor wasn't dry, so the wood floor couldn't be laid, and the toilet can't go in until after the floor's in place, so... you get the idea.

So the floor was finally laid yesterday, and we were promised that the plumbers would be here today, and it would all be done. Today arrives, and there are no plumbers. I phone the project manager, who tells me cheerfully that the plumbers are busy today, it's not going to happen, and they'll be here first thing tomorrow morning.

No they bloody well won't, I say, they'll be here today.

There followed a ten minute conversation in which I ranted a great deal about the various delays in this project and about how fucking pissed off I was with them in general, which ended in her saying that she would talk to the plumbers and ask if they'd be able to work late this evening.

Ten minutes after that, she gets back to me - yes the plumbers will be here today, she can't give me an exact time, but they'll come late afternoon or early evening and get the work done.

'Thank you,' I say. 'Now wouldn't it have been nicer for everyone if we could have come to that arrangement without me having to swear at you first?'
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The SO and I finished watching Darker Than Black, and we still like it a lot. It's not slashy, it's not a pairing fest, it's just an interesting sci-fi drama that grabs your curiosity and teases out its answers a little at a time through 25 eps, most of them forming mini 2-part story arcs for convenient watching :-) Some great characters, some humour that isn't annoying or overwhelming to lighten it up, and most importantly, it doesn't have one of those trippy anime endings that fails to explain anything! It does however, confirm yet again that an anime's second opening theme will always be inferior to the first....

In other news, the bathroom now has a window, cabinets and quite a lot of the tiling is done. It's not going to be finished in a week, but it shouldn't run over by too much. I'm all excited, I want to see my new bath!

And in other other news, that most likely only person here will understand, my PERM application was submitted yesterday, yay.
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We are now four weeks into the Hideous Bathroom Replacement.

This grew rather long, so I neatly trimmed it. )

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