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In many parts of the US, people are legally allowed to carry weapons such as guns in public. Any time they do so, of course, they take their lives in their hands, because the police are legally allowed to shoot them dead.

The police can legally shoot you dead when you have been walking around with a sheathed weapon, threatening nobody until the police started hassling you. The police can legally shoot you dead when you are in a shop that sells guns, carrying a gun you have picked up from the shelf, and which you intend to buy. The police may even be able to shoot you dead when you are a 12 year old in a park playing with a toy gun. We all await the verdict on that one with bated breath.

Am I the only person who sees these laws as basically incompatible? It seems to me pretty obvious that at least one of them has to change - either people shouldn't be carrying guns in public places that aren't designated hunting zones, so that anyone who does is instantly a person of suspicion, or the police shouldn't be able to claim that 'I thought maybe he might use it and I was scared' justifies the use of lethal force. As long as these two laws coexist, it is inevitable that the police will continue to kill people who are basically minding their own business.

The fact that the police only ever seem to shoot black people who are exercising their right to bear arms, and white people are effectively immune from this lethal legal quandry is another problem, but can we at least fix the laws so innocent people aren't killed on a weekly basis while we work on the racism? Of course, in a country where selling untaxed cigarettes means that the police are legally allowed to strangle you to death at the side of the street, that might take quite some working on.
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So in Florida, the precedent is now set that it is okay to stalk a young person through the streets with a gun, against the specific instructions of the police. When that young person becomes so scared that they jump you and attempt to knock you unconscious to disarm you, you are at liberty to shoot them through the heart, and of course it was self-defence.

George Zimmerman may not have been guilty of murder, but he was certainly guilty of something. The inability of the law to decide exactly what is a perfect illustration of why civilians shouldn't be wandering the streets with guns.
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So Newt Gingrich is falling all over himself to categorically deny the monstrous allegation that he ever asked his second wife for an open marriage. These denials get him a joyous roar of approval in South Carolina. Because of course it is so much better that he cheated on and lied to his spouse for six years, instead of being honest with her about having an affair.

Ah, Christian Republicans, your morality enthralls me.


Apr. 8th, 2010 10:19 am
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My boggle meter just exploded.

Disclaimer from the website of the Ku Klux Klan. Yes, those people. Right there on the homepage.

NOTE: The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has not or EVER will have ANY connection with The "Westboro Baptist Church". We absolutely repudiate their activities.

I can't quite decide whether to be amused, or just appalled that I share any views in common with the KKK.
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A few days ago I read this newsarse commentary on the Pope and his sidekicks with some amusement. Today I find myself reading about his Palm Sunday address to the faithful.

Remind me again which one's the satire?
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A British man who simulated sex with a bicycle has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

So let me get this straight - a man was indulging in his choice of sexual activity behind a locked door in the privacy of his hotel room. And the hotel staff who used a master key to enter his room called the police.

There are no issues of consent here. There is no victim. This man isn't a rapist or a paedophile, but he's being dealt with under laws designed to protect society from those who are. He may be a little odd, but since when did the British consider it a crime to be odd? He's harmless, for fuck's sake. He has a fetish, which he was exercising in private. Would the hotel staff have called the police if this man had been having sex with another person in a locked hotel room? I think not.

Somewhere along the chain of hotel staff, police and magistrate, you would have hoped there would have been someone with a little common sense, but apparently that's too much to hope for.

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