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Writing fanfic has always been a disjointed process for me. I have no concept of how some people can start at the beginning and write through to the end. I write scenes in the order they solidify in my head, piecing the whole lot together bit by bit as more of the gaps fill themselves in. And through all the fandoms I wrote in for so many years, there was a pretty clear pattern that the hardest sections to write, and thus the last to get written, were the action scenes and the smut.

Except for the Hannibal fandom. The action-heavy sequences still get written last, and they're definitely perspiration, not inspiration. But apparently with these two guys I'm all about the porn. The sex just writes itself effortlessly, and it keeps on writing, until some kissing and 69-ing grows to over four thousand words. Worse than that, I'm even writing sex scenes for scenarios I'm never going to actually put in a fic, because they camp there in my head, and I can't get back to writing the plot for my WIP until I've got them out of my brain.

I've been trying to figure out why this is, and I think it's because these two guys are almost never just having sex. One or both of them always has an agenda, an ulterior motive that goes beyond an enjoyable orgasm, and sometimes it's successful and sometimes it's not, but they never stop digging in one another's brains. It's practically a compulsion for them to poke at each other and see what happens. Even when you've got them shacked up together in domestic bliss with too many dogs, they don't stop playing games. Maybe they would after five years or so when they've finally run out of corners to dig in, but it's interesting to play with the ideas inbetween!

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