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Not just one, but two of her teachers told Brandes - who appears as Susanna in Seattle Opera's The Marriage of Figaro - she'd never succeed in opera. Back in high school, her voice teacher told Brandes' parents, "I can't in good conscience take your money and continue to teach her. She wants to sing opera, and I don't think she has the voice for it." And during her college years at Ohio State University, the head of the voice department told her, "You're a wonderful musician, but you'll never be an opera singer."

That's a really unfortunate article to print in your program, when anybody with an ounce of musical knowledge or appreciation will be deciding that her teachers were absolutely correct within five minutes of Susanna opening her mouth. Every time Susanna had a high note coming up, I had to mentally brace myself for the shriek like a half-strangled cat that clawed its way past her vocal chords. In Act Two, in her trio with the Count and Countess, she literally made me wince.

She was far from the only poor note in last night's cast, half of whom were in the range from weak to appalling. And still the ignorants who attend the Seattle Opera gave this thing a standing ovation, because they seem to think that's what you have to do when you go to the opera.
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I haven't bored you over the last couple of months with the ongoing details of my compressed nerves, and the tingling and slight numbness in my left thumb and hand, because the physio has all been terribly dull on the whole, and some days it's better and some days it's worse and most of the time I ignore it, but the one thing it never is is completely gone. In the last couple of weeks, I've had the same tingling up my right hand too on a few occasions, so I went back to my GP. He said it happens sometimes, that when you're working on getting a disc to slip back into place on the left, it can start bulging a bit on the right instead. He said the thing not to ignore would be if I started getting tingling in my feet, because that means something's compressing the spinal cord, and then I'd need an MRI to rule out a tumour and check on exactly what the discs are doing.

So guess what? Last night I woke up with vaguely numb and tingling feet. And now I have an appointment to be stuffed in a tube and bored silly next Wednesday morning. I hope whatever they find is too minor to bother with, because really, spinal surgery doesn't fit well with my plans for the rest of this year - I'm going to yaoi con, and I have two more birding trips, and all my usual days out, and we're getting the bathroom ripped out and completely redone. Where am I supposed to fit surgery in with all that?

The human spine is a deeply complicated and inconvenient thing. Can't I opt out of having one?

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