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There were three of these in our garden this morning, looking in the windows :-)
I deleted most of the audio because it was wind noise and inane chatter from us, but I kept the bit at the start where one of the cats was going crazy at the windows.

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This is it! The last of all that video from October finally got processed, edited and deleted. And I made it with almost a week to spare! To be fair to myself, it would have been done sooner, but the one casualty of the shiny new computer was my partially edited video file that just would never load properly again once all the files were transferred over, so I had to start from scratch.

This video is all the stuff that wasn't in the other ones. Lots of random clips from varous dives, and mostly I've tried to focus on different fish and things, though there is a little repetition. Sea snakes - you can never have too many sea snake videos, right?

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