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My brain sank into full fandom mode last night - I woke up once from dreaming OUaTiM, then went back to sleep and dreamed Trigun instead. Good dreams to have! So I have awoken this morning bouncing with renewed Vash-Wolfwood fuzzy-happy, and now I want to spend the whole day reading fic. Which would have been fine yesterday, when I spent all day at home, but today I have an annoying list of Things To Do. Learn some timing, brain!
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Okay, I think I'm basically done with creating my cheese-tastic LJ layout for now, so here's the open invitation to you lot - now's when you get to tell me how the colour contrast's so poor on your screen you can't read the hyperlinks, or alternately how you click on this post and go blind. Bitch at me about how the boxes overlap in nasty ways with a monitor resolution of 600x400 or using Opera as your browser. I'm not promising I'll be able to fix, but multiple complaints in the same direction will get higher priority. I aim to please :-)

Some cheese with your porn? )
ETA: Right, so far I've established that the boxes are overlying the banner in IE, even in the very latest version. Clearly the coding for the inbuilt border shifting in the layout was written with Mozilla in mind, 'cos that's the sensible person's browser XD I think I can fix this if I do it the more complicated way. Of course, there's the probability I'll break everything too, at least temporarily....

ETA 2.0: I think it should be fixed now. Let me know if there's anything else!
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An artist called Khaamar has been colouring scanned pages from the Trigun manga, and doing it so beautifully.

The colour pages aren't up on the web that I can find, but they're included in the scanlations of the manga available for download at this site. Colour pages are in there from volume 7 onwards. And as of today, scanlations have started arriving of what will become volume 12 of the manga when Nightow finally gets around to publishing it....

Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kleine_kat for the tip-off!

You guys didn't know about this, right? Because if you did, you'd have told me, right? )
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Back to the gratuitous V/W porn, NC-17 smut and swearing. This one's Renet's fault. We discussed it in email a long time ago now, and agreed on everything except for the minor point that I thought she should write it, and she thought I should. I caved first. Not beta'd by Renet this time, since it's kind of for her.

Mangaverse as ever.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Traveller

Yes, I stole the title. I'm not the first to steal that one, and since the original author's unlikely to complain, you don't get to either ;-)
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It bit me over the weekend. Nico cast a fast eye of talent over it, thanks for that.
G-rated (yeah, it's a shock, huh?), angst (okay, not so much), set in TriMax 11 with spoilers for all that goes before.

Spamming up your f-list on multiple comms. )
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So, the title of this one has a few meta influences here and there XD. I set out originally to write something different from my usual fare, but then that whole deal I have with plot and angst got in the way a bit, and this is what fell out

The original prompt came from [livejournal.com profile] tameiki1, who's been waiting patiently (or not!) for the better part of a year for something to come of it. I do get there in the end. Anyway, anything in this fic that makes you squawk is most likely all her fault, 'kay? XD

All the usual warnings for sex and swearing, V/W NC-17. One of these days, I'll write something that isn't....

Something of a Departure

And having crawled away from the visiting relatives (read, stayed up after they went to bed) for a short period to get this out after the betas came in, I will now relapse mostly into silence, unfortunately. From Monday to Friday, I won't have teh intraweb available at all, oh woes!
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'FUKUTSU' - Fortitude

Lazlo. And Vash. )
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'FUKU MA' - 'Lay Down, Demon' (Yep, sounds odd to me too....)

A change of combatants in more ways than one )
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'SHISEN' - 'The Brink of Death' or 'Crisis'

Wolfwood and Livio get serious )
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Violins for Livio )


Jun. 15th, 2005 08:05 pm
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So I just opened a new package of doujinshi. And given the contents of one of them, I felt the need to share without delay *cough*.

This is an art doujinshi called 'Request' by the circle Orca Sya, published in 2002. Not terribly worksafe for most people, no, but I guess it depends on where you work.... ;-)

Wolfwood and gratuitous nudity. )
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'REPPUU' (Hurricane)

EDIT: Comments now contain spoilers for major events in later volumes, for those who haven't read ahead. You are warned!

Wolfwood on a motorbike kicks ass, oh yeah! )
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I decide to go out for the day on a Sunday and what happens? Half my f-list decide to post fic! I'll be getting to those later. (And, yes, 'dog, I'm still working my way through your delightful music-spam!) For now, just a quickie, the second bit of chapter one.

And back to the present. )
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This chapter's long and plot-filled - there's a lot going on, and as usual with Nightow, most of it's in the art rather than just the words, so this is another one I'm splitting in two to limit the number of scans per post.

Chapter One - 'Kokyou' (Hometown)

Entering Flashback City )
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Random Bit Inserted In The Book )
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Chapter Five - 'Sorezore no Michi' (Each Road)

Pulling things back together again. )
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Continuing on from yesterday )
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Chapter Four - 'Dasshutsu' (Escape)

This one's a long chapter, and there's a lot of major slashiness really great stuff, so I've split the chapter into two the way Nightow did for the monthly releases.

We're long overdue some serious Wolfwood love, yo! )
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Chapter Three - COUNTER-ATTACK!!

Plots and Plants )
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Chapter Two - Silent Ruin

Picking right back up where we left off.... )

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