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I cooked lomo saltado tonight, mainly taken from the recipe on Janice Poon's blog, with a few modifications. I made it the traditional Peruvian way, with steak...

I never intended to cook Hannibal food. But I had to look up the recipe when I had Hannibal make it for Will again as a special dinner in that last fanfic, and then I thought damn, that sounds good.

It turned out really well, nice and spicy. It got the husband vote too, so I'll be making it again. Thanks, Janice, and script writers. Nom.


Nov. 8th, 2016 11:42 pm
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I really love living here in Washington state. The scenery is stunning. The climate is lovely. The people are great.

Some of the people in Texas, Florida, North Dakota and a number of other states, I am not so fond of right now.
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Last night, I added an extra forty minutes to my drive home from work to go to a Walmart. Normally I'd go that far out of my way to avoid going near a Walmart, but a character in the fanfic I'm writing is going to shop in one, so I had to check some details.

It's fairly likely that nobody would care too much if I got the finer points wrong. Nobody but me, who would be bugged by it forever. It's not even as if it affects the plot, just the window dressing. I may be obsessively detail orientated.

On the list of activities for this afternoon - research into mid sized towns in Maryland. At least I'm not acquiring a detailed and extensive google history of assault rifles, military grade weaponry and illicit drug dealing, like I did when I was writing Mexico fic.

This was much easier when I was writing Trigun, and didn't have to worry about how stuff actually is in the real world.
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I waited a few days to make this post when I was less angry. But I don't think I'm going to get any less angry, so here I go.

A grand jury in Ohio decided not to bring any charges against the policeman who shot dead a 12 year old boy playing in a park. And who exactly finds that surprising?

The policeman has stated that he didn't know Tamir Rice was twelve years old - he looked older. The policeman has stated that he didn't know Tamir's gun was a toy - it looked real. None of that makes any difference at all to the fact that he shouldn't have shot him. Ohio is an open carry state. Any non-felonious citizen is allowed to be on the streets of Cleveland with a gun. You don't even need to get a permit. Tamir Rice could have been twenty-five with a real handgun, and that still doesn't give a policeman the right to just drive up and shoot him within two seconds of stopping the car, as the surveillance video shows he did.

Forget 'suicide by cop.' Thanks to the grand jury, 'murder by cop' is the new legality in Ohio. Maybe I live in Ohio and I hate my next door neighbour. Maybe I wait for him to leave the house with his perfectly legal handgun, call 911 and he say he was scaring me with his gun, and then I can sit back and wait for the police to shoot him dead on my behalf. Awesome!

Of course, 'murder by cop' is only viable if the next door neighbour happens to be black. I'm guessing a white man with a gun would find that the cops arrived, had a perfectly civil conversation with him, then wished him a good day and went on their way without ever drawing their weapons.

And on that note, Happy New Year everyone.
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It's been a month since I last posted, I see. That's because I haven't actually done much. I came back from the Philippines with a snotty, coughing aeroplane disease that was very persistent and stuck around for about 3 weeks, plus the weather was foul up until this last week, so mainly I sat at home playing Elder Scrolls Online. The foul, wet, windy weather resulted in 2 power cuts within a week, so we had enforced romantic candelit dinners at the table with no TV to watch.


I shall endeavour to do something interesting soon, but the forecast says the rain is coming back, so we'll see!
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Seattle will be raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour. It's nice to live somewhere in the US where the elected officials actually care about the people. Perhaps somebody should suggest it to Congress.

Elsewhere, I see that Pope Francis has jumped the shark. After working so hard to appeal to non-Catholics, and reasonable people in general, he said in a speech that married couples who choose not have kids will regret it, doomed to end up lonely and bitter in their old age. As lonely and bitter as all those childless priests that the Vatican forces to remain celibate, maybe?
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Yesterday we went white water rafting on the Wenatchee River. It wasn't very white water, as it's only class III, and the river was running at a lower level than the average for July. But we'd never done it before and it was fun, in the sun and the heat, and seriously cold water - melted snow never really seems to warm up that well, no matter how delightful the air temperatures. When we stopped for lunch at a calm spot, I waded in to my thighs, but I wasn't going to swim in that ::shiver::

There were only three of us in our raft, plus the guide, so the guide put me hanging over the front of the boat for a couple of the more dramatic drops (Drunkard's Drop and one just below Snowblind) while the guys kept paddling. The extra weight at the very tip creates a more dramatic drenching for everyone, and the closer-to-the-river-level view was dramatic.

We might just have to do that again sometime...
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Last night, [livejournal.com profile] darthhellokitty and I went to an event with Pandora Boxx from the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race. It was organised as part of the fantastic Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, because why should a film festival be all about film? :-)

The evening was part performance, part interview, with questions from the organiser and some submitted by the audience. Pandora was fabulous. Her performances were unceasingly funny (including one as 'Carol Channing', and a fabulous enactment of 'My Vagina is Eight Miles Wide'), as one would expect from someone with a decade's experience, but the interview really brought her skills as a performer into the light. She was just as spontaneous and witty as she appeared in Drag Race, delightfully willing to aim her comedy at herself, and a joy to watch throughout. If you ever get the chance to see Pandora, go!

Generally life has been busy busy recently, with more work, the film festival (I've already seen 3 films in the first 2 days, plus Pandora), and October's glorious sunshine enticing me into the mountains, all combining to keep me away from the computer. I'm still around and still reading, I promise, even when I'm quiet :-)

Rush night

Aug. 8th, 2010 11:03 am
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We saw Rush last night on the Time Machine tour. As usual, they put on a seriously good show. You always get your money's worth with Rush, because they tour without a support band and they're on stage for three hours (plus a break in the middle, because they admit they're getting old). They had more of their crazy/quirky videos, though I didn't find those overall as entertaining as the 2007 Snakes and Arrows set (but just how do you follow up a South Park intro to Tom Sawyer?), and a truly fantastic lighting gantry. They also had 20 foot tall gas flames behind the band, and I felt a wave of heat two sections back whenever those flared up - I hate to think how hot they must have felt on stage...

A few crappy mobile phone pics and setlist )
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We went to see Dream Theater and Iron Maiden at White River last night. Bruce Dickinson can still bounce about a stage for a guy in his 50s, but I guess it helps when you're also a fencer. I'm not sure if he's flying the 757 himself this time...

It was a moonbase style set for The Final Frontier tour, with the inevitable Eddies (and morse code that read 'Eddie Lives' for the geeks), and it was a damn good gig.

A couple more crappy camera phone pics )
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Last night, I left the cinema at 8.30 after yet another film, and called the SO.

"Hi, dear, just leaving, should be back in 30 minutes, maybe 40."

"Ah," the SO said. "I've just been dragged into BG."

"Oh," said I, in surprise. "Have they not killed Durchest yet?"

"Well, Ez just pinged me and asked if I could help out, so I guess they're having trouble."

"They must be having trouble," I said, "that was set up for 6.30. Who have you got?" The SO listed off some of the usual familiar names. "Well," I said, "I'll head back, and he should be dead by the time I get there. See you soon."

And then I put my phone back into my bag, and suddenly thought about how my end of the conversation sounded as I strolled down the street, without the context of a LOTRO raid.

Ouch, ouch!

Apr. 5th, 2010 11:54 am
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The SO and I went bouldering at an indoor wall on Saturday, with some work friends of his who go regularly. I expected my fingers to ache afterwards - they certainly cramped up enough at the time. Instead, for the last two days, my arms have been seizing up, right from my forearms to all across my shoulder blades. Apparently it's been too many years since I last dangled myself by my hands. I weighed rather less when I was a teenager too. Anyway, it was fun despite the pain, so we've found a closer climbing gym and we're planning to go again. Obviously my arms need more of a workout since I stopped karate!

On Sunday, we went with [livejournal.com profile] darthhellokitty to see Mother, the latest film by Korean director Joon-ho Bong of The Host. (If you haven't seen The Host, you really must. It's a fabulous monster movie, bonkers fun and sick and gory and twisted, with probably the best screen monster ever. Seriously, it's awesome.) Mother is a more serious film, still with moments of humour, but far darker overall, and all its monsters are human, so it's a 'better' film, if not so delightfully amusing. Do-joon is of low IQ and has memory problems, and when he is accused of murder, his mother sets out to prove his innocence. A film of many surprising twists, very cleverly done.

A good weekend!
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The excitement of the year in our little neighbourhood came yesterday, courtesy of a shoot-out at a house a mile and a half down the road. The owner of the house is a legal user of medical marijuana. He also has his house licensed as a premises for growing his medical marijuana. He had a break-in at his house in January, apparently, and another one in the early hours of yesterday morning, for reasons which are instantly rather obvious.

The owner of the house apparently heard noises downstairs, took out his .22 pistol, and went to investigate. He found a man with a shotgun standing in his living room, so he did what any smart person holding a .22 pistol and looking at a man with a shotgun would do - he made damn sure he fired first. But the man with a shotgun had brought friends, and the final outcome of all this was one 19-year-old in intensive care, another with a bullet wound picked up by the police running away, and the house-owner having shotgun pellets removed from his shoulder. I'm guessing he'll be needing a little more of that medical marijuana of his.

I'm all in favour of legalising marijuana for medical use. Heck, I'm in favour of legalising it full stop, since all prohibition does is encourage violence and make some deeply unpleasant people very rich indeed. But while one form of pot is legal and another not, am I the only one who thinks it's bloody stupid to have it grown in surburban houses at not-so-very-secret locations? Dear Washington State legislature, perhaps it might be smarter to grow it at dedicated premises, with security, and hand it out by prescription....
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The family aren't coming. Their flight was cancelled a second time, and they've given up. No problem with the weather this time, but the plane that was supposed to fly them out of Manchester at 6am didn't make it into Manchester last night for some reason that is now immaterial. Suggestions as to how two people can consume their way through a 12lb turkey will be gratefully received!

The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] iibnf usually sponsors a bear rescued from a bile farm on behalf of her f-list, but this year she is unable to do it. So for the fabulous person herself, and her f-list, and throwing in you lot here as a bonus, I am now sponsoring a bear. I'll let you know which bear as soon as I find out.
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The family finally went home from Manchester airport after a little more than 24 hours, and are now rebooked to fly four days later than planned, on the 24th. I think I won't be taking the turkey out to defrost until I know they're on the plane!

It seems I would not recommend anyone to fly KLM. The waiting passengers were given nothing, and the staff went into hiding, leaving long queues at an empty help desk - they finally crawled out of the back room to start helping delayed passengers rebook more than 12 hours after the flight should have departed. This is in contrast to Alaska, when snow delayed us for 6 hours at Denver, who kept us all updated all through, and gave every passenger a voucher so we could at least buy a sandwich for lunch.
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We saw Avatar last night in 3D Imax. Wow. Not the most original plot for a film, not a script worthy of Oscars, and I could have done without one scientific violation in particular, but it is stunning all through. Visually fabulous. See it on the biggest screen you can find.

My family will not be arriving today. It snowed in Manchester last night, and it snowed in their connecting city - their flight was delayed and delayed, then finally cancelled. Currently they have spent 14 hours at Manchester airport. I know I asked for a magic extra day, but this isn't the kind of day I would have wished on the poor relatives :-(
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If any of the kind souls who provided their opinions have any interest at all, we bought a Bosch. This one.

So far we are most pleased with it, though only time will tell on the breaking down side!
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It is long past time to replace the appalling top-loading monstrosity of a washing machine that came with our house, and buy an energy-and-water-efficient front-loader that won't damage our clothes.

In the past, I bought a Hoover washing machine. That was because my mum had a long history with Hoover washers that all worked perfectly for 10-12 years before breaking, at which point she bought another Hoover. The one time she bought a non-Hoover, it broke a lot sooner.

Now I'm in the US, and Hoover washers do not appear to be an option. So tell me the tales of your washing machines, oh friends - tell me which ones you thought wonderful, and which ones you had to replace a year after the warranty ran out. Sell me your brand prejudices!
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Well, so far the boss is playing nice from a distance, and has confirmed that I can go to SF, so I have offered to be available to work until 15th December, to give him chance to replace me.

This may still potentially change at short notice. I've seen a couple of other staff members go from flavour of the month to being treated appallingly between the time they handed in their notice and when they actually left. If he starts any of that passive-aggressive BS or bitching behind my back with me, I'm not going to stick around for it.

Time will tell....
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I just emailed the boss telling him I'm leaving. I didn't give an actual date when I would be finishing. He still hasn't told me an official yes or no on the yaoi-con dates I asked him for time off for 4 weeks ago.

I have no employment contract here (something of an oversight on his part when I went from quasi-volunteer to officially employed). The people who do have contracts have a 3 month notice period. If he's nice, I'll be nice and work until December. If he's not, I'm gone.

I'm all set to play, and it's his move....

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