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Someone on Twitter has persuaded the SO to start watching Initial D.

Someone else who has poor enough taste to like Dragonball Z then told him they think Initial D is too bad to watch. I said he should publicly declare that even his wife who likes anime and slash and cars isn't prepared to watch it.
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I've been loaning money through Kiva for several years now. Many of you probably already know of it, but just in case, Kiva is a microfinancing website where people who don't have access to standard banking facilities can borrow money to improve their small businesses or their homes. The loans are commmonly for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, though some can be more. Loans are group funded in $25 increments. When your $25 is repaid, you can lend it to someone else.

At first I just loaned money independently, but last year I joined the A+ Kiva team. A+ is for Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious, and the aim is to put our money where our mouths are and show that you don't need a religion to be a decent person. A+ have a long-standing rivalry with the Kiva Christians group, and at the moment we are ahead, but this year the Christians are out-spending us, and they're catching up. Uh oh... Being a team member has turned out to be fun - I get to see which borrowers other team members are lending to, and there's quite a bit of chit-chat in the messages board. Because of all this, I've ended up loaning more money as a team member than I ever did as an independent, but that's not actually a bad thing.

Anyway, right now the A+ team are having a Kiva membership drive - use the link below and get a free $25 loan to give to the Kiva borrower of your choice. It will, of course, be credited to the A+ totals :-) The money is not infinite, and once the supply has all been claimed, the offer ends, so I would take advantage fast if you plan to.

One proviso - Kiva ask for a donation to the running costs of the website with each loan, which IIRC is currently $3.75. So your 'free' loan will cost you $3.75, but that's not a bank-breaker, I'm sure :-) Kiva accept payment via Paypal, so you don't need to start typing in lengthy information and credit card details into their website.

Here's the link:

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When Amanda Palmer performed at Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago, that well known highlight of British journalism, the Daily Mail, published a report that didn't mention her music, and focussed entirely on the fact that at one point during her performance, you could see her boob.

Here's Amanda's response, on stage a couple of nights ago. Tim Minchin would be so proud of her rhymes!
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Sometimes I do stop playing LOTRO and reading fanfic for a while, and I go and poke around at the TED site.

I can't make the embedded versions work for some reason, so links only.

Gardening in poor neighbourhoods in Los Angeles - teaching kids to eat healthy food. I love this guy's attitude!

Education in deprived and isolated locations. Not an answer to everything, but some crazy results.
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America's gun problems solved! No second Amendment issues, just the addition of Barbie.

I love it!
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Somewhere between work and sleep and gameplay, I just have to say that the new mounted combat system in the latest Lord of the Rings Online expansion is awesome. The warhorses are initially rather headstrong and difficult to control, but as you train them, things get better, and chasing packs of wargs around the fields of Rohan is crazy fun. This is the first really new innovation in MMO gameplay in about 10 years, and they seem to have pulled it off.
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You have to go back to the 1950s to find another April with average temperatures as low as this one so far in our area.

Today I went on a birding trip to eastern Washington. On two previous occasions, I have birded those same areas at the same time of year with temperatures over 70 F/21C. Today we managed a high of 56F/13C.

I would like it to be spring, preferably before May.
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I was supposed to be on a birdwatching trip east of the mountains today. It's snowing heavily for 50 miles through the pass and the wind is gusting at over 30mph where we were planning to go, so the birds will be hiding and the trip was cancelled. Of course, it wasn't cancelled until after I'd got up at 5.45am to make a 6.30 meeting spot. So I got back home at around the time I would normally be crawling out of bed, and it's looking like a long day!

So in the absence of any other plans, here's the new pink machine. )
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Our new computers arrived today. Opening the boxes, they are both the most vibrant My Little Pony pink. Checking the order email, the SO discovers that yes, he did accidentally order them in shocking pink. Of all the colour choices to be stuck with for the next few years...
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I have opened the windows this afternoon. It is actually warm.

LOTR Online

Jan. 4th, 2011 07:54 pm
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Yay! We finally got him! We handed the Lieutenant of Dol Goldur his arse in Hard Mode. One Nazgul and his flying pterodactyl splatted. And now I get to call myself Bane of the Lieutenant :-)
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I have a gel wrist rest, which I have owned for years, and which has been fabulous for my mouse hand and stopped it being all achey after hours at the computer.

Tonight, it split right under where my wrist puts the most pressure, and mid-LOTRO raid. So I was trying to play my role keeping people alive, while making 'eeeewwww' noises as strings of extremely thick, clingy gelatinous ooze spread themselves over my hand and mouse.

This stuff does not wash off. I can wipe it with paper towel till the remnants stop being as sticky, but that's about it.

Not that it will stop me buying another gel wrist rest. Currently mine is all strapped up in anti-ooze duct tape. But I might keep a closer eye on the next one, and replace it if it starts looking a bit worn.

I'm also wondering if this is anything like the stuff they put in silicone fake boobs, because again, eeeewwww.
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I dreamed that Philip Glenister was a cop (well, of course) - he started out as an OC, but as the dream went on, he became a lot more Gene. John Simm, meanwhile, was a jockey (which is silly, because he'd need to be several inches shorter, but hey), and there was this crazy plot in which someone was trying to stop Red Rum from winning the 1973 Grand National. It was all an insane mishmash of horses and shotguns and almost-Gene and Sam-the-jockey getting all slashy, in a whacky crossover somewhere between Life on Mars and a Dick Francis novel (not that I've ever read a Dick Francis novel). Sometimes my brain can be so much fun :-)
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It is notable that Alex Kingston, at 47, is about a hundred times sexier than Karen Gillan. Just saying.
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So cute! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darthhellokitty for the link :-)

I love the way it looks up at the end, saying, 'Yeah, I'm done now, so where's my food?' XD

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