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Nov. 12th, 2012 11:20 am
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At Yaoi Con, I bought a manga called In These Words. It was a random buy of a manga I'd never heard of by a group I'd never heard of, that I bought just because I liked the cover art and the blurb on the back. I read it yesterday and it is amazing. The story is about a psychiatrist who is hired by the police to interview a serial killer. After he takes the case, the psychiatrist begins to have nightmares about being abducted and raped by the killer - but are they nightmares, or did it really happen?

The story is dark, intense and creepy. The artwork is stunning on every page, including five colour double page spreads that are utterly gorgeous. If the subject material doesn't put you off, I can't recommend it enough! The police procedure side of things is completely off the rails, but just run with it XD

The drawback? It seems to be hellishly hard to come by. I bought it at Yaoi Con published by 801 Media, but I can't find any mention of it at their website. Amazon know of it, but given the limited number of sellers and ridiculous prices being asked, I would guess the only copies available are those bought at Yaoi Con or pre-release promotionals. Read the reviews though - it's not just me!

Alternatively, the authors have a website where they appear to sell individual chapters as separate doujinshi. Again that would work out an expensive way of buying it, but look at the art :-)

This is an ongoing work, and I'm really really hoping 801 plan to release it properly, including another volume. If you can find it at a price that doesn't bankrupt you, go for it!
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Yay for new finds! [ profile] permetaform pimped this Korean manga last week, so some of you will now have seen this rec twice - well, that means, if you didn't look the first time, what are you waiting for? Mangafox have called it Night of a Thousand Dreams, but the official licenced version, (which is available to buy from Amazon, 'cos I just did) calls it One Thousand and One Nights.

Review Down Under )
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I spent yesterday at SakuraCon. As has become my habit at cons lately, I didn't go to a single panel (except the one I was dragged out of ten minutes in by passing friends XD), just chatted with [ profile] hopeofdawn and her friends, looked around and bought things, and watched the AMV contest.

Nightow's at the con this year, but only today and tomorrow, and he's got very little to actually do. He's in one Q&A panel today along with four people involved in Hellsing Ultimate, so you can guess which way that's going to be skewed, and he's signing autographs alongside someone else tomorrow, and that's all. I don't know whether that's the con organisers' choice or Nightow's (maybe audiences scare him?) but I couldn't justify to myself coughing up money for the full weekend and fighting traffic back into central Seattle on two more days and standing in yet more lines to listen to a bunch of people I don't know talk about Hellsing and get a book signed. I ummed and aahed over it, and I would probably have paid up and gone if both his events were on the same day, but in the end I decided I needed my catch-up time rather more.

Shopping and Recs! )

I've barely kept up with my f-list this week, I haven't read a single word of fic, and I wouldn't like to count the number of Mozilla tabs I have open - I'll get there in the end, I swear.... And entirely predictably, having got out of bed early every morning this week because I had somewhere to be, the scene of my fic that had been coalescing in my head over the last three days when I didn't have chance to sit down and write was all ready to come pouring out this morning, so I was up at 7.30 with over a thousand words I needed to get rid of. Tonight I'll sleep, I swear!
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An artist called Khaamar has been colouring scanned pages from the Trigun manga, and doing it so beautifully.

The colour pages aren't up on the web that I can find, but they're included in the scanlations of the manga available for download at this site. Colour pages are in there from volume 7 onwards. And as of today, scanlations have started arriving of what will become volume 12 of the manga when Nightow finally gets around to publishing it....

Many, many thanks to [ profile] kleine_kat for the tip-off!

You guys didn't know about this, right? Because if you did, you'd have told me, right? )
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'FUKUTSU' - Fortitude

Lazlo. And Vash. )
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'FUKU MA' - 'Lay Down, Demon' (Yep, sounds odd to me too....)

A change of combatants in more ways than one )
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'SHISEN' - 'The Brink of Death' or 'Crisis'

Wolfwood and Livio get serious )
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Violins for Livio )
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'REPPUU' (Hurricane)

EDIT: Comments now contain spoilers for major events in later volumes, for those who haven't read ahead. You are warned!

Wolfwood on a motorbike kicks ass, oh yeah! )
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I decide to go out for the day on a Sunday and what happens? Half my f-list decide to post fic! I'll be getting to those later. (And, yes, 'dog, I'm still working my way through your delightful music-spam!) For now, just a quickie, the second bit of chapter one.

And back to the present. )
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This chapter's long and plot-filled - there's a lot going on, and as usual with Nightow, most of it's in the art rather than just the words, so this is another one I'm splitting in two to limit the number of scans per post.

Chapter One - 'Kokyou' (Hometown)

Entering Flashback City )
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Random Bit Inserted In The Book )
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Chapter Five - 'Sorezore no Michi' (Each Road)

Pulling things back together again. )
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Continuing on from yesterday )
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Chapter Four - 'Dasshutsu' (Escape)

This one's a long chapter, and there's a lot of major slashiness really great stuff, so I've split the chapter into two the way Nightow did for the monthly releases.

We're long overdue some serious Wolfwood love, yo! )
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Chapter Three - COUNTER-ATTACK!!

Plots and Plants )
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Chapter Two - Silent Ruin

Picking right back up where we left off.... )
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Yo, I is back! And something like normal service should hopefully resume for a little while, though I still have to manage to become a semi-organised person again. That doesn't happen easily....

Chapter One - 'Shinkou' (Invasion)

Vash-Luuurv! )
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Chapter Six - "CONFLICT"

The Fight )
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So Vash goes after Knives.... )

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