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I've been telling people for the last few years that season one of the Hannibal TV series is basically Tokyo Babylon, and season two is Death Note. Then last night someone pointed out to me that Hannibal is also Pet Shop of Horrors, and OMG, how the hell did I miss that?

Lets see - Immaculately dressed, exquisitely mannered prissy perfectionist with a sideline in murder falls in love with a scruffy, lonely law enforcement guy who lives like a slob, and while said law enforcement guy is supposedly trying to entrap the murderer and get evidence to arrest them, they actually spend a lot of time hanging out with a killer and being far too friendly. Oh, and there’s a sort of informal shared custody arrangement with a kid who isn’t theirs. The only difference is, in Hannibal it's the detective who hordes animals, not the killer.
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I've posted the final parts of the final story in my post-Wrath of the Lamb Hannibal fanfic series.

Out of the Depths
The Depths of Trust
The Lingering Past
The New Normal
Whatever is Realised

I’m finally done, a year, a month, and some days after I sat on a plane frantically scribbling the first conversations between Jack and Will that grew into ‘Out of the Depths.’ At that point, I thought ‘Out of the Depths’ would be a one off, and getting Will to a place where he could make a choice would be the end of it. It turns out I had to follow Will through all of his choices before I could stop.

Bryan Fuller said that after the fall would be when Will Graham’s journey started to get really interesting, and apparently my brain agreed. We will likely never get to see Bryan’s vision for season four, so we share those of a few thousand fangirls, and this was mine.

Thank you, Bryan Fuller, for creating some of the most fascinating, crazy, inspirational series on television, and in particular for Hannibal, which rekindled my writing bug after a seven year hiatus. You gave me something truly special.

Oh, and I have a tumblr account now. Guess what, I'm tiggymalvern there too.
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Writing fanfic has always been a disjointed process for me. I have no concept of how some people can start at the beginning and write through to the end. I write scenes in the order they solidify in my head, piecing the whole lot together bit by bit as more of the gaps fill themselves in. And through all the fandoms I wrote in for so many years, there was a pretty clear pattern that the hardest sections to write, and thus the last to get written, were the action scenes and the smut.

Except for the Hannibal fandom. The action-heavy sequences still get written last, and they're definitely perspiration, not inspiration. But apparently with these two guys I'm all about the porn. The sex just writes itself effortlessly, and it keeps on writing, until some kissing and 69-ing grows to over four thousand words. Worse than that, I'm even writing sex scenes for scenarios I'm never going to actually put in a fic, because they camp there in my head, and I can't get back to writing the plot for my WIP until I've got them out of my brain.

I've been trying to figure out why this is, and I think it's because these two guys are almost never just having sex. One or both of them always has an agenda, an ulterior motive that goes beyond an enjoyable orgasm, and sometimes it's successful and sometimes it's not, but they never stop digging in one another's brains. It's practically a compulsion for them to poke at each other and see what happens. Even when you've got them shacked up together in domestic bliss with too many dogs, they don't stop playing games. Maybe they would after five years or so when they've finally run out of corners to dig in, but it's interesting to play with the ideas inbetween!
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I got a comment today on my Hannibal series telling me, among other things, that my fics are now the reader's personal headcanon for what happened after the series ended. Considering that there are literally thousands of post-series fanfics out there in this fandom, I am taking that as a very big compliment indeed :-)
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In a fit of total self-indulgence, I added an unplanned and very belated third chapter to The Depths of Trust and doubled the length of the entire thing. My brain was having way too much fun playing with these two guys trying to figure their way around each other. Because after years of mutual obsession and emotional and physical damage, deciding to stop all of that and fuck like bunnies doesn’t automatically mean they can have an actual relationship…

And now I can get back to writing part five of this series, which was what I started doing before my brain took off at a tangent.
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I cooked lomo saltado tonight, mainly taken from the recipe on Janice Poon's blog, with a few modifications. I made it the traditional Peruvian way, with steak...

I never intended to cook Hannibal food. But I had to look up the recipe when I had Hannibal make it for Will again as a special dinner in that last fanfic, and then I thought damn, that sounds good.

It turned out really well, nice and spicy. It got the husband vote too, so I'll be making it again. Thanks, Janice, and script writers. Nom.
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It's taken a ridiculously long time to get this finished, because Other Stuff Ate My Life, but I just sneaked it in under the wire :-)

Hannibal Fic the Fourth

The sequel to the other three.

Why is it that I find myself pouring out domestic fluff when I'm writing about a serial killer and whatever the hell Will Graham is? I guess I'm just contrary that way. Of course domestic fluff with these two comes with sharp edges hidden in the pockets...

Anyway, goodbye 2016, and I hope you're all planning some fun for the start of 2017. Maybe Donald Trump will do something to get himself impeached?
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Hannibal POV, creep factor rising.

The Lingering Past at AO3.

Third fic in the De Profundus series.

This is just a short one, filling in a time gap between where the second one left off, and where the next couple are going. When I started writing Hannibal fic, I told myself I wouldn't write Hannibal POV, but he crept into my head anyway. He does that a lot. I think I need to scrub my brain out now.
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The Depths of Trust, at AO3

This is the sequel to Out of the Depths.

There's actual Hannibal this time, not just the one in Will Graham's head. And there's porn.
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So here it is - 32k words of porn-free moping with Will Graham. Apparently this is what drags me out of a seven year fanfic writing hiatus, who knew? Spoilers for the entire series.

Here it is at AO3.

I think I'll need to take a couple of weeeks for RL stuff before I dive back into the first of the sequels. Between finishing the video and this, I have literally done nothing else with my free time in the last three weeks. I probably should...
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It's basically done at this point, I just need to pull together one more linking scene and then spend a couple of days smoothing out the edges of the parts I've most recently written. 32,000 words of misery and angst, and Will Graham moping about how fucked up his life is, with some help from Jack Crawford and Freddie Lounds. No Hannibal, no porn and minimal violence (I know, how is this even a Hannibal fic, right?), and did I mention the moping? Set post 3x13 The Wrath of the Lamb, so spoilers for everything.

Beta-ing seems to be the old fashioned approach to fanfic these days, and a lot of people don't bother, but ideally I'd like an American to look it over and yank the British-isms out of Will Graham's mouth, even if it doesn't get a full-on concrit. If you'd be willing, let me know, and I'll throw it at you in a few days.
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I'm sitting here this morning, working on finishing my Hannibal fanfic, slowly filling in the gaps between the chunks that are already written to make it one whole thing. Then a conversation for the sequel fic pops into my head, the one I'm scribbling down bits of as they ambush me, because that's what stories do. And as I'm writing that, I suddenly realise I know what the third fic has to be.

And I'm sitting here thinking, 'Am I really going to write this, and eroticise it?' And yes, yes, I probably am.
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I have no idea who made this, and it's not a style I would ever have contemplated. The audio source is weird as hell, but the editing is amazing, and the result is electric. Go and watch in HD, and comment. It blows me away.

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I read a review of the Hannibal TV series which said the real arc plot isn't Will vs Hannibal, it's Will Graham vs Will Graham. There's definitely a case to be made for that (it certainly seems to be the plot of season three). This is mostly that video, though some other stuff crept in too.

And I have to say, this vid makes me really happy - it's the first fanvid I've ever made that actually looks close to the idea I had in my head when I started it. Although it would have been done over a week ago, if I hadn't had to fight some very annoying de-interlacing bugs for a couple of sequences. I've literally spent two days this week trying to fix the edit for one line of the song. It's still not perfect, but I doubt most people will notice the bugginess that made it through. And annoyingly, youtube has restricted me to 720p HD, not the 1080 I uploaded, so it doesn't look as good in some of the transitions as my version.

Hannibal TV series, so warnings for blood, violence and pretentiousness.

Making this vid also reminded me of a comment by [livejournal.com profile] goldenusagi, who said, 'The show really should not making becoming a murderer look so attractive.' There might be a case to be made for that too. Oh, Will Graham, you drag us all along with you into your emotional train crash.

And now that the vid is out of my head, I can get back to finishing that fanfic that's three quarters done...
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Last night, I added an extra forty minutes to my drive home from work to go to a Walmart. Normally I'd go that far out of my way to avoid going near a Walmart, but a character in the fanfic I'm writing is going to shop in one, so I had to check some details.

It's fairly likely that nobody would care too much if I got the finer points wrong. Nobody but me, who would be bugged by it forever. It's not even as if it affects the plot, just the window dressing. I may be obsessively detail orientated.

On the list of activities for this afternoon - research into mid sized towns in Maryland. At least I'm not acquiring a detailed and extensive google history of assault rifles, military grade weaponry and illicit drug dealing, like I did when I was writing Mexico fic.

This was much easier when I was writing Trigun, and didn't have to worry about how stuff actually is in the real world.
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I didn't think there was any chance I'd get this made in less than two weeks between my travels, but I'm an obsessive little creature, and I only had to work 3 of those days, so I'm done! The choices of Will Graham - and the consequences.

It's a Hannibal fanvid, so warnings for blood and gore, obviously. Though not as much as I originally thought there would be.

I was listening to this song in the first few days after I finished my first Hannibal binge watch, and wondering what the hell to do with it - the lyrics are such an awesome fit, but the musical style is utterly inappropriate and peppy. I thought it would be a challenge to see if I could make it work. I still don't know if it works, but hey, I had fun.

I'm still having trouble believing Bryan Fuller made the Hannibal TV series. I mean, it's a live action mashup between Tokyo Babylon and DeathNote. Really. Season one is Tokyo Babylon, as FBI criminal profiler Will Graham meets the charismatic, cultured, polymath psychiatrist Dr Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal is charming, helpful, and also, as it turns out, a manipulative mass murderer. Bummer.

Will doesn’t just get crushed at the end of season one – he gets crushed, he gets mad, and he plots to get even. Because Will knows exactly what Hannibal is, and he hasn’t a shred of proof, so in season two, the series turns into DeathNote, as these two guys try to out-mindfuck one another. Clearly that’s going to end well for everyone within a ten mile radius. But it's just perfect for me :-)

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