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I've been watching the Android and Windows phone markets for about a year now, looking for the best opportunity to replace the iPhone. And it came, finally, the Perfect Storm of features, and I now have a Samsung Galaxy S3. It's fast, it's glorious, it has a beautifully smooth swipey interface. The screen doesn't keep going inactive when I don't want it to. The screen is much bigger, while the phone is barely bigger at all. I don't have to install shitty software that I don't want in an inseperable bundle with the useful part, in order to use it. (Good riddance, Quick Time! Never will you contaminate my PC again!)

Hello, beautifully custom fitted case that makes the phone no longer, no wider, and only marginally thicker. The case replaces the back of the phone, so as not to add bulk. (Hey, Apple, are you sure that a proprietary case was too much trouble for you?)

Hello, SD memory slot - now my phone can grow with the tech of the times, yay!

The voice recognition feature understands an English accent!

There are enough buttons to make it useful, instead of the 'There Shall Be Only One' ethos that infests Apple. I love the fact that the 'back' and 'menu' buttons are there, but invisible until you want them. Pretty!

I'm still investigating features, but the Out Of Box experience was very shiny.
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It's called Hey Mami, by some idiots calling themselves Fannypack.

Since I resisted the urge to ever watch The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, this pollution has been imposed on my ears by Dance Central. Thanks for that, Harmonix. I think you erased my brain.
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I've had the thing about three weeks now (it was a birthday present), so I feel I've had a little time to get to know it. I really like the iPhone itself – when it's handed to you, it Just Works (TM), it's intuitive and easy to pick up and use. Not that I actually use it as a phone, you understand (my old mobile wasn't so much a phone as Insurance, in case the car broke down or I had problems while out hiking). But as a music holder and Instant Internet Access Almost Anywhere, I am most fond of it :-)

The Commentary, or Things I Have Learned (or Already Knew and Have Been Reminded Of) Via My iPhone )
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Before we went on our mammoth road trip we decided we wanted a GPS device, both as an added precaution against getting lost and as a neat little tracker of where we'd been. We did some internet research and some in-the-shop research, and ended up buying a Garmin GPSMap 60csx two days before we left. Just in case anyone else has any considerations of buying such a thing, here's the thought processes that went into the choice and a review of the now thoroughly-tested thing itself.

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Also, the man in the van came, and the garage now contains a lot more dead wasps than it already did.

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