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Well, it turned out I only went to see one more film. I had planned to go and see a Pakistani road trip film on Thursday, but the day was so beautiful I spent it out in the sun instead. Saturday I missed a film I really wanted to see because I had to work :-(

Racing Extinction is a documentary on the rate at which species are currently going extinct, and the different ways in which human activity can cause it. It focuses on a number of different species to illustrate its points, andn particular on the attmpts to the get the manta ray listed on CITES Appendix II.

The main problem with this documentary is that it tries to cover too much. Illegal fishing, climate change, ocean acidification - each one of these would fill a documentary on its own, and in spreading itself too thinly, everything remains rather superficial. There's no real depth to the coverage of most issues, there was no information here that I didn't already know, and I felt it could have done more if it had tried to do less. It finally made an impact towards the end with a focus on one specific action that really showed how people reacted to being informed. 7/10
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SIFF arrived again for the year! And so did [livejournal.com profile] teaforme, who came to stay with us, which meant we went to see a lot of films in a short time, and none of them got written up. Normally I do a post after every three films or so, but not this time...

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Last night, the SO and I went with [livejournal.com profile] darthhellokitty to see Looper. It was exactly what I expected from the very positive reviews - a solid film with some action and thought-provoking stuff, and I was really glad we went to see it. If you like that kind of thing at all, then go!

Sadly, our enjoyment of Looper was diminished by the fact that a couple in the row behind us had brought along their child of 5 or 6 to see this R-rated film. Oddly enough, the child wasn't impressed by the densely plotted and violent movie, and talked intermittently, including about 45 minutes in when it declared more than once that it wanted to go home.

Did the people take the child home? Did they hell. The woman took the kid out of the cinema for a few minutes, presumably to tell it not to talk, and then brought it back inside. Where it continued to talk as it grew increasingly bored and/or disturbed.

Dear America. Your ratings system is seriously broken. It makes no allowances for the fact that people are idiots, and that it's cheaper to buy a ticket for the kid than it is to pay a babysitter for the evening while adults go to the cinema alone. I assume everyone can agree that no 6 year old should be watching an R rated film, regardless of what its retarded relatives think. So maybe there should be an age limit on parental judgement? Or something like the 12 and 15 ratings that the UK uses? Maybe? Yes? Please?
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From [livejournal.com profile] lady_ganesh

Another "Top 100" list, this time AFI's list of the 100 most romantic movies of the last 100 years (very heavily skewed to the 30s-60s era of Hollywood.)

Bold the ones you've seen, italicize the ones you mean to see, strike the ones you don't intend to see/couldn't make it through.

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Four more films to finish off SIFF 2010 for me - I'm out of town for the last few days, so I'll miss some goodies :-( This time up, Swiss sci-fi, a Belgian film I really can't summarise, a documentary about the cold war battle for information, and a Czech WWII drama.
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