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I have no idea who made this, and it's not a style I would ever have contemplated. The audio source is weird as hell, but the editing is amazing, and the result is electric. Go and watch in HD, and comment. It blows me away.

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I read a review of the Hannibal TV series which said the real arc plot isn't Will vs Hannibal, it's Will Graham vs Will Graham. There's definitely a case to be made for that (it certainly seems to be the plot of season three). This is mostly that video, though some other stuff crept in too.

And I have to say, this vid makes me really happy - it's the first fanvid I've ever made that actually looks close to the idea I had in my head when I started it. Although it would have been done over a week ago, if I hadn't had to fight some very annoying de-interlacing bugs for a couple of sequences. I've literally spent two days this week trying to fix the edit for one line of the song. It's still not perfect, but I doubt most people will notice the bugginess that made it through. And annoyingly, youtube has restricted me to 720p HD, not the 1080 I uploaded, so it doesn't look as good in some of the transitions as my version.

Hannibal TV series, so warnings for blood, violence and pretentiousness.

Making this vid also reminded me of a comment by [livejournal.com profile] goldenusagi, who said, 'The show really should not making becoming a murderer look so attractive.' There might be a case to be made for that too. Oh, Will Graham, you drag us all along with you into your emotional train crash.

And now that the vid is out of my head, I can get back to finishing that fanfic that's three quarters done...
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I didn't think there was any chance I'd get this made in less than two weeks between my travels, but I'm an obsessive little creature, and I only had to work 3 of those days, so I'm done! The choices of Will Graham - and the consequences.

It's a Hannibal fanvid, so warnings for blood and gore, obviously. Though not as much as I originally thought there would be.

I was listening to this song in the first few days after I finished my first Hannibal binge watch, and wondering what the hell to do with it - the lyrics are such an awesome fit, but the musical style is utterly inappropriate and peppy. I thought it would be a challenge to see if I could make it work. I still don't know if it works, but hey, I had fun.

I'm still having trouble believing Bryan Fuller made the Hannibal TV series. I mean, it's a live action mashup between Tokyo Babylon and DeathNote. Really. Season one is Tokyo Babylon, as FBI criminal profiler Will Graham meets the charismatic, cultured, polymath psychiatrist Dr Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal is charming, helpful, and also, as it turns out, a manipulative mass murderer. Bummer.

Will doesn’t just get crushed at the end of season one – he gets crushed, he gets mad, and he plots to get even. Because Will knows exactly what Hannibal is, and he hasn’t a shred of proof, so in season two, the series turns into DeathNote, as these two guys try to out-mindfuck one another. Clearly that’s going to end well for everyone within a ten mile radius. But it's just perfect for me :-)

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