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This past Christmas, I bought my sister the first three seasons of Justified on DVD. I told her that she might enjoy it, and she might find Timothy Olyphant quite pleasing.

My sister works a lot, and she didn't get around to watching them for quite some time. Then she broke her foot and couldn't drive to work and was bored at home.

When I last spoke to her, she'd watched the whole first season in less than a week and started on the second. It turns out that she finds Timothy Olyphant VERY pleasing, and the redneck black humour highly entertaining. She admitted that she kept having to rewind the DVD and watch certain scenes multiple times over. My sister is not remotely the fangirl type; she doesn't DO things like that. She's someone who watches soaps and reality TV.

I consider this a very successful job of corruption.
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So Roger Federer won his eighth Wimbledon title without ever dropping a set, matching Nadal's romp through the French last month. I guess he just had a point to make. It was certainly the easiest Wimbledon final he's played in a very long time. I love the attitude he's taking this year, though, saying screw the world rankings and all that crap, he's just going to play tennis when he wants to, and when he wants to, he wins. Why the hell not?

I did feel sorry for Venus yesterday, I wanted her to win. I remember watching when she first won Wimbledon, just turned twenty, and she bounced around with practically the world's biggest smile; she was adorable. It would have meant the world to her to win again after all the issues she's had with illness, but I guess it meant too much, because after she lost that tight first set, her game just collapsed. Sad to see, but she was so gracious in her interview afterwards, and big smiles again talking about her sister.

I know they'll both have to stop being major competitors some time in the next few years, but meanwhile they're amazing to watch.
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We watched the final episode of the final season of Black Sails tonight. This series has been absolutely rock solid in the writing throughout, with smart people making decisions for reasons that make internal sense, even when you don't agree with the reasons, and they lead to horrific outcomes. The twists and turns of it have been so frequent throughout, with constantly shifting alliances and betrayed friendships, that we went into the last episode with absolutely no clue how it was going to turn out (other than Long John Silver has to be alive, because of the book). And in the end, all the violence of the series is underpinned and triggered by the love stories of its main characters, and I cried myself thoroughly snotty over them.

The way the writers interwove the stories of historical and fictional characters and tweaked both to create a satisfying whole is so clever. And since the network didn't cancel it and let the writers complete their chosen ending, there's absolutely no reason to write fanfic for it. I'm just going to plug it one last time because it's good.
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So Tatiana Maslany finally got her Emmy for Orphan Black. It only took three years of campaigning by geeks to get her nominated, and then another year to get her the amazingly well-deserved win. While the show can be patchy, there's no doubting the talent of the actress who landed and nailed the most challenging role on television. Good for her.
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I haven't heard a thing from my f-list about Black Sails, and why not? You are clearly all failing me as scouts, people! I watched the first (very short) series and really enjoyed it for it's fast-moving, twisty plot. I'm now half way through the second series, and it's still brutal and fast and throwing plot about-turns with every episode, but OMG, the canon ships in this series are fucking EPIC. We have TWO crazy, complex three-ways on offer, and I am adoring both of them. There has never been such a series for canon OT3s :-)
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86 year old German gymnast Johanna Quaas on the parallel bars.

That power move at 0.28 scares me.
And I was feeling proud of myself this afternoon for managing a low grade climbing route that knackered me out :-(
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The cut scene from X-Men: First Class where Charles visualises Erik in drag finally made it onto teh interwebs. It's at the 3.55 mark in an otherwise fairly routine Japanese promo for the DVD release.

Behind a cut because I hate it when stuff on my f-list wants to autoplay. )
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I'd forgotten what it's like to be reading in a crazily active fandom. I haven't been innundated this way since the early days of Smallville, 10 years ago. There was a brief flurry when Sherlock first appeared, but not in the same way that X-Men: First Class has lit a bomb under Charles/Erik slash.

I love you, dear fanfic authors, I really do, but I don't have the time to read 70 000 words of fanfic every day. Or I do, but only if I stop doing all the other things I usually like to do with my life, which creates something of a conflict. I don't often like to wish away fanfic, but I hope this slows down a little soon....
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As stolen from [livejournal.com profile] solo____

Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

Only 10? Damn, this could be painful!) )
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Last night Radiohead played the White River Amphitheatre on what was undoubtedly the foulest day of the last two months, if not more. So me, I was there, of course! Fortunately I had a ticket for the section under the roof, so I didn't get drenched, unlike the poor sods sitting out on the lawn, and I only had to break out the Niagara Falls poncho for the trek back to the car after the concert. We caught a fortunate break in the downpours at entrance time.

I wasn't hugely impressed by the support group The Liars. I was trying to decide if the balance of their set-up was off, or if they really wanted their music to be that dominated by the drums. I was hedging towards the latter after the singer announced that the drum emphasis in their music was supposed to represent Native American influences, but either way it didn't work for me.

Radiohead really know how to put on a show, filling the stage with rows of hanging light columns that really ramped up the more abstract feel of some of their tracks. They also know when not to use them, just letting them set a single mood colour for the pieces that needed that. I love the fact that Radiohead never repeat a set list, leaving you guessing at what you're going to get :-) And they give good value, playing for more than two hours, which can't be said for all bands. Of course, they only give good value if you stay for the whole show, and aren't so desperate not to be caught in the traffic that you leave at the start of the encore. Since Radiohead played two encores, with eight tracks, those people missed a third of the gig.

Thom Yorke doesn't talk much and prats around the stage looking a complete idiot in a way you can only get away with if you're Thom Yorke, musical genius with a scary brain, but the show still had tons of energy. But next time, leave the red sweat pants at home, Thom, 'kay?

Set List )

I would have paid the ticket price just for Reckoner, Lucky and Street Spirit alone.

Oh, and I've noticed that I'm not receiving most of my LJ comment notifications lately - I only got one from the last post. I hit refresh on my own posts, but if you said something to a comment made on somebody else's post and I didn't acknowledge it, I probably don't know about it.
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Eddie Izzard is fabulous! But you all already knew that :-) He's witty, brilliant, energetic, and probably smarter than most of the people in any audience. (There's one thing he can't do though, and that's a Brummie accent without it drifting into Scouse. But that's okay, since he admitted it himself :-) )

One thing last night confirmed was that there's no such thing as a typical Eddie fan. Everyone was there from teenagers to the grey hair and glasses brigade, tats and piercings to little flowery dresses.

Oh, wait, no - they're all Democrats. And atheists. Probably. Since half the show was Eddie taking the piss out of the concept of religion in general and the Bible in particular. Just when I thought I couldn't get to like him more XD
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I adored Wild Adapter when I first saw the scans and found out the basic premise and plot. I adored it all over again when I read scanlations of the first few volumes. And now I'm completely lost in it for a third time with the English manga releases.

I forget in between, each time, just how fabulous it really is.
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Good Omens artwork for fans!

EDIT: Hmmm, my banner's disappeared. Where did my hot guys go? ::sniff:: Since I haven't been fiddling, I'm going to assume it's LJ's fault and they'll be back later.
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A TV show I really liked just ended after two series and sixteen episodes. And I want to offer a major thank you to the writers for having the guts to kill a ratings winner instead of dragging it out till it jumped the shark. Because everything has a lifespan, and in this case the writers made the choice to wrap it all up before the character relationships stagnated into an inevitable rut, before the plot had to become forced to keep up the conflict and the 'interest'. It was a well-timed decision.

And maybe I'm just a sucker for people who choose their own reality :-)


Nov. 5th, 2006 09:29 pm
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OK, I know I'm behind here, and after more than one friend gave me the tip-off long ago about the book, but... yeah. I watched ep 1 of Dexter in a constant state of glee, and I waited to watch ep 2 to be sure, and, oh yeah! A twisted comedy about a psychopath? Who kills other psychopaths? I'm right there, guys! Why isn't everyone watching this series?
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Wild Adapter has been licensed - how did I miss this?!

Less wonderfully, it's by TokyoPop, who aren't necessarily the best people to have it, so I hope they get one of their better translators on it. They do seem to have been screwing up less lately from what I've heard (or haven't heard!) XD

EDIT: I've never used 'hopeful' before. Why does hopeful mean a pink doll? ::puzzled::
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The important bit of yesterday's madness - the fillum! (Okay, margaritas and friends are important too XD)

Non-spoilery general witterings )

More detail, spoilers within )
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Went to see this film this afternoon (also known as Banlieue 13 or B13 in France), expecting a trashy action flick, and getting exactly that. Hey, it was co-written by Luc Besson - fun!

This film's about as deep as a dime, with plot leaking like a colander. But it doesn't care, because it's a film about style and action, all over the excuses for the chase and fight sequences. And it does those well. The two lead guys are pretty damn athletic through some very impressive jumps and stunts - the latest French thing is about moving fast through urban landscape, and yep, it's all here. Cop and criminal forced to work together in a no-go ghetto to save Paris from a bomb, what more could you want? Who cares if the subplot about the criminal's sister being a raving junkie gets conveniently fogotten at the end, because that would be a bit of a downer after the whole saving Paris thing?

And somebody somewhere has to be slashing these two guys, because all the elements are right there. It's really not a stretch XD You want a ninety minute violent laugh and some cool stunts, this is the place to go :-)


Apr. 30th, 2006 11:15 pm
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I've been meaning to do this post for a few days now, since I finally watched the last eps on Thursday. But Friday I went hiking in the sun, and Saturday I was scarily sociable with friends, so here I am a bit late.

But... Monster!

Spoiler free general wibbling )

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