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There are live mice sprouting on a near-daily basis, if not necessarily within the cat toy. We evicted another that the cats found this evening, and then there was the one that wandered under the sofa as we ate dinner. Time to break out the humane mousetraps again....
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Cities in California are rushing to introduce local laws banning the declawing of cats, before a state law signed by the Governor preventing them from banning it comes into force in January.

Of course, the problem with bans on a city by city basis is that people who really want to chop off all their pets' toes for fear of injury to their precious leather sofa will take them to another town to get them mutilated. But at least it's a start - and the momentum will gather.

It makes me really fucking sick to see veterinary organisations defending practices like this.The California Veterinary Medical Association have made their priorities very clear - money over animal welfare.
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When you spend the day playing with juvenile cats with dangly toys on the end of strings, it can be very difficult to persuade them later that no, they really shouldn't play with the cord of your vibrator.
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Three dead rats lined up on the patio this morning, two of them quite well nibbled. Thank god they didn't bring them inside the house like they sometimes do.

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