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How much do you have to pay San Francisco to let you do this?

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I was rather struck by the lime green Murcielago parked outside the fish and chip shop at the bottom of the hill tonight. Not my preferred choice of colour, but there is definitely something to be said in favour of the juxtaposition of a Lambo at the chippy :-)
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The Seven's in the garage again this week. The only good thing to be said for the incompetent idiot in the minivan/people carrier who can't even manage to park without smacking into other people's cars is that she was an honest incompetent idiot who left a note with her name and number, confessing.

Her insurance company arranged for the SO to pick up a rental car from the place around the corner after he dropped the Seven at the body shop. The catch - they hadn't reserved any specific car on his behalf. So when he turned up to collect, he had the choice between the two vehicles they had left. Which were... a really big Ford pickup and a truly enormous Ford pickup.

The SO considered this a less than optimal exchange for our 1450lb aluminium-bodied two-seater and complained, but they were unable to provide him with an alternative that day. When he rolled up at home in this hideous excuse for a vehicle, we established that it would actually fit into the garage with a few inches to spare on either side, but frankly we couldn't be arsed, and left the miserable monstrosity outside to rust in the rain, like it deserves.

He's supposed to be taking it back today to exchange it for something reasonable - wonder what he'll be turning up in tonight?
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Last night the SO got pulled over by the police for speeding again. In exactly the same place he got nabbed last time. In the place I'd already told him I often saw police cars. In the place he's seen police cars lurking himself, driving past with me sitting beside him while he said, 'Oh, so that's where they hide.'

Sometimes I have to put real effort into remembering that he's supposed to be intelligent.

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