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We watched the final episode of the final season of Black Sails tonight. This series has been absolutely rock solid in the writing throughout, with smart people making decisions for reasons that make internal sense, even when you don't agree with the reasons, and they lead to horrific outcomes. The twists and turns of it have been so frequent throughout, with constantly shifting alliances and betrayed friendships, that we went into the last episode with absolutely no clue how it was going to turn out (other than Long John Silver has to be alive, because of the book). And in the end, all the violence of the series is underpinned and triggered by the love stories of its main characters, and I cried myself thoroughly snotty over them.

The way the writers interwove the stories of historical and fictional characters and tweaked both to create a satisfying whole is so clever. And since the network didn't cancel it and let the writers complete their chosen ending, there's absolutely no reason to write fanfic for it. I'm just going to plug it one last time because it's good.
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I haven't heard a thing from my f-list about Black Sails, and why not? You are clearly all failing me as scouts, people! I watched the first (very short) series and really enjoyed it for it's fast-moving, twisty plot. I'm now half way through the second series, and it's still brutal and fast and throwing plot about-turns with every episode, but OMG, the canon ships in this series are fucking EPIC. We have TWO crazy, complex three-ways on offer, and I am adoring both of them. There has never been such a series for canon OT3s :-)

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