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We just finished watching the second series of Agent Carter last night. This series was so much fun - why the heck did it get cancelled when dreck like Agents of Shield is still on the air? (Disclaimer: I didn't watch Agents of Shield past the first season - maybe it improved, but it would have had to improve a LOT, and I haven't heard anyone raving about it). Agent Carter wasn't the greatest thing on TV, but it had a fabulous cast, deft humour, and a solid style and identity of its very own; pure entertainment with no aspirations to be anything else. It made a very good counterpart alongside watching Hannibal :-)

Hayley Atwell is just fantastic. Somebody had better cast that woman in another great role, and fast. I see from IMDB that she's currently heading up a series called Conviction, which is in pre-production. The description makes it sound dull, but if anyone can bring it, she can.

Which brings me on to Jennifer Lawrence playing Sharon Carter in Captain America: Civil War. The contrast with Hayley really shows up Jennifer. It's true that Sharon doesn't have a huge amount to do in the film, but Hayley Atwell puts more sass into five seconds of silence than Lawrence puts into that entire part. And it's not the only time I see her fail to inspire on screen. Am I the only one who doesn't get the Jennifer Lawrence thing? She's cast in absolutely everything, she gets Oscar nominations and wins, and all I see is meh. She was better in American hustle, but even there she got lost in the charisma of her co-stars when she shared scenes. EDIT It has been pointed out to me that Jennifer Lawrence didn't play Sharon Carter, it was another actress I mistook for her. The rest of my complaint still stands, however, it just becomes less relevant :-)

And back on the Sharon Carter role (minor spoiler for Civil War here if you want to stop reading), why, oh why did the writers have Captain America kiss her? I know it's comics canon that Captain America and Sharon have a relationship, but that was LATER. Guys, it is really creepy to have Cap hit on his old girlfriend's niece just days after his old girlfriend's funeral. Not good! And especially when the directors see that there is absolutely no chemistry at all between the two people in question when you put them in front of a camera together, surely they could just drop the idea...

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