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I have no idea who made this, and it's not a style I would ever have contemplated. The audio source is weird as hell, but the editing is amazing, and the result is electric. Go and watch in HD, and comment. It blows me away.

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I read a review of the Hannibal TV series which said the real arc plot isn't Will vs Hannibal, it's Will Graham vs Will Graham. There's definitely a case to be made for that (it certainly seems to be the plot of season three). This is mostly that video, though some other stuff crept in too.

And I have to say, this vid makes me really happy - it's the first fanvid I've ever made that actually looks close to the idea I had in my head when I started it. Although it would have been done over a week ago, if I hadn't had to fight some very annoying de-interlacing bugs for a couple of sequences. I've literally spent two days this week trying to fix the edit for one line of the song. It's still not perfect, but I doubt most people will notice the bugginess that made it through. And annoyingly, youtube has restricted me to 720p HD, not the 1080 I uploaded, so it doesn't look as good in some of the transitions as my version.

Hannibal TV series, so warnings for blood, violence and pretentiousness.

Making this vid also reminded me of a comment by [livejournal.com profile] goldenusagi, who said, 'The show really should not making becoming a murderer look so attractive.' There might be a case to be made for that too. Oh, Will Graham, you drag us all along with you into your emotional train crash.

And now that the vid is out of my head, I can get back to finishing that fanfic that's three quarters done...
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Last night, I added an extra forty minutes to my drive home from work to go to a Walmart. Normally I'd go that far out of my way to avoid going near a Walmart, but a character in the fanfic I'm writing is going to shop in one, so I had to check some details.

It's fairly likely that nobody would care too much if I got the finer points wrong. Nobody but me, who would be bugged by it forever. It's not even as if it affects the plot, just the window dressing. I may be obsessively detail orientated.

On the list of activities for this afternoon - research into mid sized towns in Maryland. At least I'm not acquiring a detailed and extensive google history of assault rifles, military grade weaponry and illicit drug dealing, like I did when I was writing Mexico fic.

This was much easier when I was writing Trigun, and didn't have to worry about how stuff actually is in the real world.
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It's only 90 seconds, but it's so sweet and funny and hot and sexy, and argh. Why don't people make porn like this? I would buy porn if it was like this, but it never is.

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These photos aren't posted in remotely the order they were photographed, more about how they made some vague narrative sense of related themes. Or something. In my head, anyway.

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Brexit wow

Jun. 23rd, 2016 11:42 pm
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Britain did it. We actually did it. I was so sure it would be like Scotland - it would be close, but in the end fear of change would win. Apparently we weren't scared.
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I didn't think there was any chance I'd get this made in less than two weeks between my travels, but I'm an obsessive little creature, and I only had to work 3 of those days, so I'm done! The choices of Will Graham - and the consequences.

It's a Hannibal fanvid, so warnings for blood and gore, obviously. Though not as much as I originally thought there would be.

I was listening to this song in the first few days after I finished my first Hannibal binge watch, and wondering what the hell to do with it - the lyrics are such an awesome fit, but the musical style is utterly inappropriate and peppy. I thought it would be a challenge to see if I could make it work. I still don't know if it works, but hey, I had fun.

I'm still having trouble believing Bryan Fuller made the Hannibal TV series. I mean, it's a live action mashup between Tokyo Babylon and DeathNote. Really. Season one is Tokyo Babylon, as FBI criminal profiler Will Graham meets the charismatic, cultured, polymath psychiatrist Dr Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal is charming, helpful, and also, as it turns out, a manipulative mass murderer. Bummer.

Will doesn’t just get crushed at the end of season one – he gets crushed, he gets mad, and he plots to get even. Because Will knows exactly what Hannibal is, and he hasn’t a shred of proof, so in season two, the series turns into DeathNote, as these two guys try to out-mindfuck one another. Clearly that’s going to end well for everyone within a ten mile radius. But it's just perfect for me :-)
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We just finished watching the second series of Agent Carter last night. This series was so much fun - why the heck did it get cancelled when dreck like Agents of Shield is still on the air? (Disclaimer: I didn't watch Agents of Shield past the first season - maybe it improved, but it would have had to improve a LOT, and I haven't heard anyone raving about it). Agent Carter wasn't the greatest thing on TV, but it had a fabulous cast, deft humour, and a solid style and identity of its very own; pure entertainment with no aspirations to be anything else. It made a very good counterpart alongside watching Hannibal :-)

Hayley Atwell is just fantastic. Somebody had better cast that woman in another great role, and fast. I see from IMDB that she's currently heading up a series called Conviction, which is in pre-production. The description makes it sound dull, but if anyone can bring it, she can.

Which brings me on to Jennifer Lawrence playing Sharon Carter in Captain America: Civil War. The contrast with Hayley really shows up Jennifer. It's true that Sharon doesn't have a huge amount to do in the film, but Hayley Atwell puts more sass into five seconds of silence than Lawrence puts into that entire part. And it's not the only time I see her fail to inspire on screen. Am I the only one who doesn't get the Jennifer Lawrence thing? She's cast in absolutely everything, she gets Oscar nominations and wins, and all I see is meh. She was better in American hustle, but even there she got lost in the charisma of her co-stars when she shared scenes. EDIT It has been pointed out to me that Jennifer Lawrence didn't play Sharon Carter, it was another actress I mistook for her. The rest of my complaint still stands, however, it just becomes less relevant :-)

And back on the Sharon Carter role (minor spoiler for Civil War here if you want to stop reading), why, oh why did the writers have Captain America kiss her? I know it's comics canon that Captain America and Sharon have a relationship, but that was LATER. Guys, it is really creepy to have Cap hit on his old girlfriend's niece just days after his old girlfriend's funeral. Not good! And especially when the directors see that there is absolutely no chemistry at all between the two people in question when you put them in front of a camera together, surely they could just drop the idea...
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There were three of these in our garden this morning, looking in the windows :-)
I deleted most of the audio because it was wind noise and inane chatter from us, but I kept the bit at the start where one of the cats was going crazy at the windows.

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This is it! The last of all that video from October finally got processed, edited and deleted. And I made it with almost a week to spare! To be fair to myself, it would have been done sooner, but the one casualty of the shiny new computer was my partially edited video file that just would never load properly again once all the files were transferred over, so I had to start from scratch.

This video is all the stuff that wasn't in the other ones. Lots of random clips from varous dives, and mostly I've tried to focus on different fish and things, though there is a little repetition. Sea snakes - you can never have too many sea snake videos, right?
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Our elderly tumble dryer died yesterday. The motor makes a horrible noise and the drum doesn't turn. We don't know exactly how old it is because it came with the house, but that makes it at least nine years old, and one look at it says rather older. So I begin to google tumble dryers.

OMG people, why the hell would I want my tumble dryer to be 'smart' and programmable by phone? Unless it's smart enough to empty the washer, sort the laundry into tumble dry and dry flat and then load itself up, I'm going to be standing right next to it. Why then would I want to program it via my phone instead of using buttons and dials on the dryer?

I know that some people now come surgically attached to their phones and find it impossible to put the damn things away for even the length of a meal or a movie. But how is this anything other than a stupid gimmick to get people to pay more for a dryer?
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I waited a few days to make this post when I was less angry. But I don't think I'm going to get any less angry, so here I go.

A grand jury in Ohio decided not to bring any charges against the policeman who shot dead a 12 year old boy playing in a park. And who exactly finds that surprising?

The policeman has stated that he didn't know Tamir Rice was twelve years old - he looked older. The policeman has stated that he didn't know Tamir's gun was a toy - it looked real. None of that makes any difference at all to the fact that he shouldn't have shot him. Ohio is an open carry state. Any non-felonious citizen is allowed to be on the streets of Cleveland with a gun. You don't even need to get a permit. Tamir Rice could have been twenty-five with a real handgun, and that still doesn't give a policeman the right to just drive up and shoot him within two seconds of stopping the car, as the surveillance video shows he did.

Forget 'suicide by cop.' Thanks to the grand jury, 'murder by cop' is the new legality in Ohio. Maybe I live in Ohio and I hate my next door neighbour. Maybe I wait for him to leave the house with his perfectly legal handgun, call 911 and he say he was scaring me with his gun, and then I can sit back and wait for the police to shoot him dead on my behalf. Awesome!

Of course, 'murder by cop' is only viable if the next door neighbour happens to be black. I'm guessing a white man with a gun would find that the cops arrived, had a perfectly civil conversation with him, then wished him a good day and went on their way without ever drawing their weapons.

And on that note, Happy New Year everyone.
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It's been a month since I last posted, I see. That's because I haven't actually done much. I came back from the Philippines with a snotty, coughing aeroplane disease that was very persistent and stuck around for about 3 weeks, plus the weather was foul up until this last week, so mainly I sat at home playing Elder Scrolls Online. The foul, wet, windy weather resulted in 2 power cuts within a week, so we had enforced romantic candelit dinners at the table with no TV to watch.


I shall endeavour to do something interesting soon, but the forecast says the rain is coming back, so we'll see!
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The category four typhoon Koppo did indeed come and sit over the Philippines instead of going north to Japan, which was its other choice. I got two dives in on Saturday, then no diving that afternoon and of course no diving Sunday, during the worst of it. Here in Puerto Galera, we're on the southern edge of the thing, so we had winds rising to 40 or 50mph and a lot of heavy showers, but it wasn't bad enough to stop us going out and wandering around town. If we had arrived in the Philippines one day later, we would have been stuck in Manila, where it was much worse, because the inter-island transfers were cancelled that day.

Most of the small boats that were moored in the bay here were moved elsewhere on Saturday afternoon, including the floating bar. Two of the small boats that weren't moved sank, one overnight and one Sunday morning. Clearly the owners needed to learn from their neighbours.

The forecast I checked last night was for the winds to drop considerably today, back to Saturday morning levels, and from what I hear outside now that sounds right, so we are hopeful about diving today. Have to wait and see how big the waves are. Of course, even when we do dive, I suspect the bottom will have been stirred up, and the visibility won't be great. I will feel right at home, like diving Puget Sound, only warmer!

If I had stayed at home, there would have been excitement too. The SO tells me there was a bear in a tree by the local Fred Meyer, and they had to tranq it and take the poor thing somewhere more suitable.


Aug. 6th, 2015 07:51 am
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Australia all out for 60? Something has gone very wrong. I suspect Broad will find it hard to better his 5 wickets for 6 runs.
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Roger Federer was awesome today. Sunday's match should be epic.

Meanwhile, on the third day of the first Ashes test, England were looking fabulous at 236/5. Then somewhat less outstanding at 245/8. It was nice of the ninth wicket partnership to put over 40 more runs on the board :-)

The Aussies now have a target of 412, higher than the score of any innings so far. But they have a full two days to do it in, and all the time in the world to play some very safe cricket. It's going to be an interesting couple of days...

ETA Well, sadly the tennis wasn't epic. Roger played some fantastic shots, and he certainly made his chances, but he also made too many mistakes on too many big points. You don't win Wimbledon by making twice as many unforced errors your opponent, no matter how good the rest of your game.

The cricket went rather better, after Australia collapsed as spectacularly as England did, only earlier in the batting order. Of course, the less said about the second test, the better...
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Well, it turned out I only went to see one more film. I had planned to go and see a Pakistani road trip film on Thursday, but the day was so beautiful I spent it out in the sun instead. Saturday I missed a film I really wanted to see because I had to work :-(

Racing Extinction is a documentary on the rate at which species are currently going extinct, and the different ways in which human activity can cause it. It focuses on a number of different species to illustrate its points, andn particular on the attmpts to the get the manta ray listed on CITES Appendix II.

The main problem with this documentary is that it tries to cover too much. Illegal fishing, climate change, ocean acidification - each one of these would fill a documentary on its own, and in spreading itself too thinly, everything remains rather superficial. There's no real depth to the coverage of most issues, there was no information here that I didn't already know, and I felt it could have done more if it had tried to do less. It finally made an impact towards the end with a focus on one specific action that really showed how people reacted to being informed. 7/10
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SIFF arrived again for the year! And so did [livejournal.com profile] teaforme, who came to stay with us, which meant we went to see a lot of films in a short time, and none of them got written up. Normally I do a post after every three films or so, but not this time...

Films, the details )
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Black Sails, I love you, I do. But seriously - 'The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing'? In 1715? That is not the King James version. Even the standard text of 1769 still reads 'The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.'

I'm a bloody atheist and I know these things. How hard can it be for someone in the production to notice that they're using a translation from 1970???!!

Grrrr, aaargh.

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